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Published: Oct 11, 2016 Updated: Mar 26, 2020
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General Information

Company Name: Play'n GO
Founded: 1997
Location: Headquarters - Växjö, Sweden + Additional offices in UK, Malta, Hungary and The Philippines
Licensing Jurisdiction: UK, Malta, Alderney, Belgium and more
Accredited Casinos: 122
Phone: +46(0)470 - 78 88 51 Fax +46(0)470 - 70 66 79
Mobile Platforms:
  • Android
  • Iphone
  • Windows Phone


When Play’n GO entered the world of Online Gaming, back in 1997, they had a handful of well established providers to compete with (MG, NetEnt, NovoMatic) and being a relatively small company, with limited resources in comparison, they naturally needed some good Games to start off with. One could argue that their first Games as such were just copies of some of the most popular Games from other providers, but then one would also surely have to admit, that they usually gave their ‘versions’ a little twist of innovation, at the very least: sometimes just a simple improvement (bigger win-potential, advanced Bonuses, etc.) and sometimes by mixing several well working concepts into one single Game – a merger of sorts, if you will.

A lot of those Games were quickly becoming quite popular, enabling Play’n GO to grow out to a strong brand rather quickly. At the time of writing, they managed to win various prestigious Awards – consecutively – in the last couple of years, for Outstanding Mobile Products, Game Provider of the Year, Game of the year and more. That in itself should at least tell you something about the popularity of their Games, and just judging by the sheer amount of Casinos, where their Games are to be found, it should be evident that this software is at least worth a proper go. Of course most online players are already very much aware of their existence, due to plethora of products available, which also becomes exceedingly obvious when you scroll through the Casinomeister Forums, where some Games even have their own dedicated threads, and the winners screenshot section is filled with winning pictures of their various Slots.

Play’n GO’s multi-platform orientated software does not only deserve credit for the aforementioned ‘copy and improvement’ formula though: they also manage to stand out from the competition in various other areas, of which innovation and the production of unique Games, are important ones.

Behind the scenes, from an Operators point of view, they also have proven to excel in compliance and legal support – and are as such greatly appreciated by Players and Operators alike.

Play’n Go Platform

GAT – Game Account Toolkit

Play’n GO’s GAT is one of the many reasons Operators are so fond of this provider: it makes the integration of 3rd party software very easy, and it also enables them to be more flexible in selecting the Games on offer, which is basically a must in this competitive Market: freedom of choice for the Operator, as well as the Player – variety is very important, to say the least. From their site:

Key Features:

  • Seamless Game Provider Integrations
  • Seamless Bonus & Free Game Management
  • Seamless Achievements Engine & Live data feed

Play’n Go Games

All of their Games (125+) – of which the bulk are Video Slots – are naturally developed in the current HTML5 standard code, to provide an enhanced user experience, and to make the Games suitable for pretty much all of the devices and operating systems out there. Aside from the fact that they have Games in pretty much every category, they also have made sure they have Games to suit to pretty much each and everyone’s various tastes: the Theme’s and animations are very good, sometimes even quite stunning, and the sound is definitely also up to par, making for quite a pleasant Gaming Experience overall.

Some of their latest developments are Video-Bingo (that enables Players from different Countries – playing with different Currencies – to play together),  Advanced Scratch Cards, and various unique in-game features, of which ‘OMNY Channel Magic’ is the most recent. The latter is an integrational platform, which allows players to maintain a unique ID, with the possibility to transfer their personal progress and possible perks, throughout various (Land-based, Hybrid and Digital) competing Operators.

As most popular providers do, Play’n GO also has a few titles that have a cult-like following: one of their most recent hits that applies, would be Book of Dead (which is quite blatantly inspired by one of Novomatic’s most popular titles ‘Book of Ra‘), and another fairly new title, that is quickly rising to stardom, is Reactoonz. The latter is basically a ‘new and improved’ version of one of their more unique Games (that i personally feel, has had a great influence in their quick rise in popularity), called Energoonz. Another cool series of Games, that have become quite popular, and are also largely responsible for the strength of this brand, would be Viking Runecraft, Gemix, Tower Quest and more recently Moon Princess. Although the Forum Cheermeister himself, is obviously not a fan of that one!

To summarize: if i would have to describe Play’n GO’s ‘Forté’ in three words, i’d label them ‘Everyman’s Game Provider’ – because i feel they are one of the few companies out there, that have Games that actually appeal to almost all of the punters in the gambling community. If you somehow haven’t tried their Games yet, i’d certainly recommend you to give them a go, and really can’t imagine you’ll be sorry afterwards! That is of course my opinion, feel free to add your own two cents, on our forums.

Popular Games:

  • Book of Dead
  • Viking Runecraft
  • Gemix
  • Reactoonz
  • Pimped
  • Troll Hunters
  • Super Flip
  • Holiday Season
  • Tower Quest
  • Energoonz


User Comments about Play’n Go

Some Reasons to play Play’n Go Casinos given by real users from Casinomeister forum:

28 July 2017 by JdRocks:

“as a low roller, some of the slots can make your money last a while and chance of a big win on some of them.”

29 July 2017 by mcgameboy:

“Book of Dead made me hate them with a passion and boycott them for 5 months.”

11 August 2017 by cnichas:

” great entertainment value on those slots lately, struggle to get off them I find them so much fun 



  • Accessible in almost all Countries, and available in all the major, and various other Currencies
  • Good assortment of Games on offer, and almost any type of Game represented
  • Innovative and original for the most part, and responsible for a few 'groundbreaking' additions to the world of Online Gaming


  • Quite a number of similar slots, but that is of course only a con, if one of those happens to be on your 'shitlist'
  • So far primarily focused on Slots (again, not really a con)
  • Too few cons!


Casinomeister Rating

Casinomeister's Verdict

I have had very little contact with this provider – if any at all. The games seem pretty good though. But they didn’t do themselves any favors with Moon Princess though.


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