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Contact the Meister!

If you need to contact us, please use the following emails:

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ATTENTION MARKETING EMPLOYEES: if you are using a yahoo, gmail or other free email account to contact us, you’re in the trash bin. Please use your company email address. Using free accounts is not only lazy, it’s unprofessional. PLEASE DO NOT ASK US TO GET LISTED ON THE SITE BEFORE READING THIS: How to become an Accredited Casino

Warning: if you have been approached by ANYONE using Skype, Whatsapp, or any social media platform – you are being scammed. We only do business via our official email addresses, and it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that these email addys are not being spoofed.

The preferable method is to contact us in the forum: via the Forum. You must have a forum account to do so. Sign up! It’s easy!! Register here.

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Anything non-technical that has nothing to do with the functioning of the website will be deleted upon arrival, sorry.

If you have some Casino Complaint please take a look our Casino Complaint Area Here

If you need to contact the director of the site, you can contact me here:

All marketing, content writing, link sharing emails, etc. sent to my email address will be unread and deleted. So don’t write to me unless you have some urgent personal issue to deal with, or if you’d like some friendly advice. Thank you.