Protecto – protecting players of online casinos

“Listen to his solid advice to avoid scams.”

Protecto is an integral part of Casinomeister – he is there to provide players and affiliates of online casinos with guidance and tips on what to avoid concerning online casinos. He has been around for donkey years, and chimes in every once in a while on Casinomeister Webcasts. This page is dedicated to him, and we will list his warnings and advice when they occur.

Introducing Protecto – and why he is important to players’ safety in Online Gambling

Why is licensing important? Duh – Protecto explains.

One of the essential aspects of gambling online – know your limits. Protecto explains.

Know your casino – know who or what company is running the casino operation – the one you will be depositing your money into – the one you expect to pay you out.

Identifying the gaming software that online casinos are using is crucial to playing safe – and free from being ripped off. Hear Protecto speak about the importance of properly perusing the casino website, and the Internet for information about this.