Vortran007 – Casinomeister’s Warning Robot

Please let me introduce myself. I am Vortran007 from the line of Xtran Model Series 5200. I am honored to have my own section here at Casinomeister. For those of you who do not know me, I am the robot who is put in charge of the Casinomeister website when my master has gone away. My master has also given me the task to warn you about pending online casino problems. I will communicate these to you every week.

I will communicate all casino problems here such as dodgy terms and conditions, licensing concerns,confiscated winnings with no explanation, unwillingness to discuss player problems, removed winnings,
closed accounts without discussion, and more. Please be sure to check this page regularly for the most up-to-date information possible on concerning online casinos.

If you have a concern with a casino and you do not see the casino listed here, and have not checked with our C2O (Casinomeister’s second opinion) tool, please check our list of Rogue or our list of not
recommended casinos. You can also check in with our forum members. Many of our forum members are long time veteran players of online casinos.

You can find the Casinomeister Casino Warning Area here:
https://www.casinomeister.com/forums/community/casinomeister-warnings/ This is our forum for all
online casino warnings, concerns, problems, and player issues. We also share general warnings such as closing casinos, non-responsive casinos, and fraudster alerts.

You can subscribe to Casinomeister: Online Casino Authority on YouTube to receive notifications when a new video or casino warning is posted.

Casinomeister has been here since 1998 and is the advocate of fair play, truth, and awesomeness of the world of online casinos. We host the largest online player community. We list safe casinos, and ones to
avoid. We have a free complaints service to our members which has been available for over 20 years, and are certified arbitrators. At Casinomeister, you will never be left out in the dark.

Below is a list of a few of the recent warnings of online casinos for your reference on what to expect from these updates:

  • SmashingCasino is a rogue casino. This casino has dodgy terms and conditions. Players beware. They also take bets from the UK and they have no UKGC license. Avoid this casino at all costs.
  • MrRingo Casino is a problematic casino. They are ignoring player complaints and they have non-payment issues. Players are warned to be careful. If you have a problem with this casino, you may have
    real problems. Avoid this casino if possible.
  • Play.Casino is confiscating winnings for no reason. We have a player complaint where the player’s winnings of $3,000 were removed. The casino will not state why. The casino will not reply. Avoid this casino at all costs.
  • Winner.com can confiscate winnings without an explanation. They will not discuss player complaints
    with their players. They will not discuss player complaints with third parties. They will not discuss player
    complaints with Casinomeister. Avoid this casino at all costs.
  • Osiris Casino is applying dodgy terms to their bonus players. They are acting in a hostile manner toward
    their players and are refusing to discuss player problems. Osiris Casino is in Casniomeister’s Rogue list.
    They were placed there in 2016 when they were caught using fake games. Avoid this casino at all costs.
  • FoneCasino.com is confiscating winnings and not responding to complaints. A player had won but his
    account was closed. The casino stated that the player had an account at another related casino but they
    would not say where. They refused to discuss the issue with the player. They refused to discuss the issue
    with Casinomeister. Avoid this casino at all costs.

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