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Casinomeister® started operations on a nice sunny afternoon in June 1998, in San Diego, California. Over the years since, the online casino industry has changed radically, and through it all, we have been a beacon of light for the player community.

Starting in 1998, we published the first player-oriented newsletters, the first online casino reviews, and the first online gaming information podcasts before “podcasts” was a coined word. We have the oldest, most active, and largest forum for online gamblers. We were the first website to assist players who needed help with casino issues. We even coined the phrase “Rogue Casino”. Casinomeister® has been awarding the Best and the Worst in the online casino industry since 2000. And most importantly, we were the first website to create a set of standards for legitimate, trustworthy, reputable casinos to abide by: the Accredited Casino certification. Casinomeister® is second to none — and we have an outstanding track record over the last 23 years to prove it.

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Casinomeister’s annual “Who’s been naughty – who’s been nice?“Hear Max and Casinomeister chat about the best and worst of 2021 – to include Vigin Games, Leo Vegas, the UKGC and more.
Shortlist for the Best Casino 2021 has been announced! Check it out here: Best Casino 2021 shorlist.
Our interview with the founder and creator of Betblocker. Want to cut down on your gambling? This your first step.


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Unibet Casino
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NordicBet Casino
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Customer service starstarstarstarstar
Betsson Casino
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Customer service starstarstarstarstar
Twin Casino
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Customer service starstarstarstarstar

Start Your Adventure

Every day, hundreds of forum members share their real-time experiences on the hottest games, the biggest scams and their insider experiences on how to navigate to the most exciting wins in Online Gambling. Many of our members are the most experienced gamblers online and who have been with us since the early 2000s which is clear evidence of the value of our forum. We have not only players, but slot developers, casino operators, affiliate managers, and many C-level administrators of these casinos. Need advice? Have a problem? Or perhaps you’d just like to hang out and make some new friends on the most active and comprehensive casino forum online. Share your casino experience.

We have the most accurate and fair way to rate casinos listed here at Casinomeister® . I wrote the first casino reviews back in the late 1990s, and it was during this time that Casinomeister became the first website that applied standards to the casinos the are listed here. Bear in mind, there was virtually no licensing for online casinos back then – many had Costa Rican business licenses that just about any Joe could get. It was us that convinced these folks that there were standards to abide by.

For the past two decades – plus – we have been rating casinos with a transparent rating system that gives you the player the information you need to make smart choices. Our Top Casinos are just that: the best casinos that you can join.

Bonuses are tricky, and you need to be careful with them. Most players are under the impression that bonuses are obligatory – they are not. And unfortunately, many casinos will convince you that this is the only way to play – it is not – bonuses can lock you into insane wagering requirements, limited games, and limited withdrawals. I personally never play with bonuses, but I am in the minority. Many players really dig bonuses, and I get it – so no judgements here. If you are looking for bonuses – this is the place to be. We have loads of them, so have a go – but please ALWAYS read and follow the terms and conditions.

casinomeister community

300+ Global Casinos

Ready for a change? We know what gamers are looking for at the best casinos. We have a team of folks who do the hard work of reviewing and comparing casinos, making sure we’ve checked every important detail: reputation, the visual experience, the gaming software, the banking criteria, and the RTPs that you’re looking for. Casinomeister® is the ONLY site that has a proper vetting process where ALL of of our members are involved. Our reviews are not fluff cheerleader pieces found on most other sites; our reviews are based on the opinions of some of the most experienced players online.

200+ Next-Level Gaming Experiences

Tired of the same old slots? Explore our newest slot reviews, the poker rooms and the live gaming experiences. We share which games are pleasing and which ones make us want to spill our cookies, or even defenestrate our computers (look it up). We have slot developers in our forum – our bona fide experts – and in the past we have assisted designers with coming up with some amazing new games. We’re also leading in Cryptocurrency Casino reviews, which opens up an entirely new world of gaming for many of our readers. 

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Exclusive Bonuses

Find the best bonuses offers with the friendliest wagering requirements on our site. It’s one thing to be offered a bonus, it’s another thing to actually get it and understand what comes with it (limited withdrawals, limited games, limitless headaches). We separate fact from fiction and go out of our way to also secure exclusive bonuses for our members.

AS Seen On

rollingstone logo
Bryan Bailey was interviewed for an article on Ruth Parasol and PartyGaming in May 2006 for RollingStone magazine.
Casinomeister® was the focal point of a casino trying to get out of paying winnings of $1.3 million to a blackjack player on MSNBC. Scandalous!
Casinomeister® was used as a reference, and Bryan Bailey was quoted about the existence of Rogue Casinos in The Guardian.

Protecting You

One of the Very First Casino Complaint Mediators

We have been dealing with player complaints longer than any other entity on the Internet. Our player arbitration service (PAB) was established in 2000 – but we already were dealing with complaints going back to July 1998. We accept player complaints for ANY online casino, and have negotiated resolutions that have topped EUR 7 million over the past 23 years. This free service is offered to all of our members. Max and I have been doing this longer than any other arbitrators (since 1998) and our experience with casino and player management is second to none. No one has the indepth knowledge and connections that we have. We are also one of the very few qualified sites that is certified by the EU and worldwide. We have the credentials and track record to prove it.

Rogue Casinos are Clearly Marked

Over the past 23 years, we have had our watchful eyes on the Rogue Casinos – in fact, it was Casinomeister (me) who coined the term “rogue casino”. We have blacklisted these unscrupulous entities for over 20 years, but even so we are always open for these casinos to mend their ways. Thus we have had loads of casinos who either by their inexperience or their bumblings have made amends and the proper corrections to be removed from our blacklists – thus improving the playing field and gaming environment for players. But those casinos that remain rogue are clearly marked as “Rogue”.

Casinomeister® Accredited Casino Status

While there may be some great casinos out there, but only those that are vetted by us and our members are given “accredited” status at Casinomeister® . We are the only website that gives its members a voice when it comes to this vetting process and you could be one of these voices. Accredited status cannot be bought – and if casinos do not meet our Accredited Standards, this status is removed. Casinomeister® was the first website that required casinos listed here to have certain standards. And surprisingly, most of our competitors have no standards – they refer their visitors to the highest bidder – not casinos with the highest standards. Before the licensing jurisdictions began posturing themselves as “protecting the player” (they don’t) we were already requiring our Accredited Casinos to have pages dedicated to safe gaming and responsible gambling.

The Dark Web Uncovered

Most rogue casinos operate multiple sites to take in the most victims. We call out these dark player networks and common terms & conditions that are most frequently used to rip off customers. Our time testing the limits means you can play with confidence.

Our player community is rife with up-to-date warnings from your fellow players. One of the main goals of Casinomeister is to provide you with enough information for you to make smart decisions. This is one of the reasons why I created the page Spot the Rogue years ago. We have eliminated a lot of grief with this pertinent information. A fool and his money is soon parted – don’t be a fool and do your due diligence.

Casinomeister® Testimonials

For over two decades, Casinomeister® has been providing players with not only with crucial information, jovial entertainment, and profound wisdom, but most importantly advocacy towards solving problems with casinos. Here is just a smattering of testimonials from our members:

“Excellent results had thru the PAB service of Casinomeister. They helped me a lot to cash out from a casino which was stalling for months. I can spend only nice words about them…” Orion

“I spent the better half of 6 months trying my hardest to get my withdrawal approved, to no avail. I contacted Casinomeister, and within 1 week since sending my first email, my withdrawal was approved and deposited into my bank account. I can’t express enough how thankful I am for casinomeister. Y’all are the bomb!” Josh C.

“My experience with Casinomeister has been beyond expectations. Not only did they resolve a player arbitration complaint that seemed pretty much hopeless but the site itself is so full of wonderful information and people and even a podcast..” Jessica W.

“The PAB service was very effective for me in getting a favourable result from a non-responsive casino after trying numerous emails. While the casino initially responded to Max it did then try to ignore/stall at one point . Casinomeister’s reputation among players and the potential to publicly advise the casino’s lack of response resulted in the casino taking subsequently quick action. Just remember to follow the PAB rules!!” Penelope W.

“Casinomeister’s PAB is the least stressful, short and to the point, arbitration to get started. And when they come back to you with news that there’s a solution it is very impressive. I am still grateful for what was done for me, and without many demands at all – just a few facts and keeping an eye on updates.” Ra2377ven

“Max was the best total support and guidance with the PAB process. Without this (PAB) I would say a lot of players would not get their winnings in a timely manner or if at all.” Tracywild12

“I am so grateful for how much you helped me. Max did a superb job. I completely lost hope when I had 100k Australian dollars confiscated from me, and my account was closed unfairly. When I found Casinomeister and was assigned Max to assist my case, that’s when a day or two later my account was open and my 100k returned to my balance. They eventually started paying me through a payment plan like a month or two later. Being an experienced online player, I knew the terms and conditions and I knew I did nothing wrong…” Michael Jay

“They are the best! My experience with Casinomeister has been beyond expectations. They are the best, and Max is very nice and helpful. Thank you again!” Steven D.

“I have been frequenting Casinomeister since 2004 and have worked in the industry since 2000 as well as being an avid player. IMO Casinomeister is the best resource pertaining to the world of online casinos bar none.” Dave S.

“We had to make use of the PAB service a few years back after my hubby had his very first progressive win of just under 34K from a Playtech casino. It was exciting, but quickly turned into a frustrating and stressful nightmare when he tried to withdraw the money. After repeated standard form replies or non-responses or excuses, we filed a PAB and Max was able to deal with someone higher-up at the casino and the jackpot win was paid in full. There’s no way that we would have gotten anywhere on our own, he got paid only due to the efforts of Max and Bryan.” Cindy H.

“Had very positive experience with my PAB. They resolved my case that the regulator could not resolve. Great and helpful people.” gambler88

“Max is a grumpy old f***** and the PAB system is run like a fascist boot camp! What’s with all the rules? I have a problem and you guys can solve it, so less agro from you would be appreciated.” SOW-my-ass  

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Meister Mail: our newsletter for the general public – player news, new game announcements, new casino announcements, rogue announcements, interesting facts about what’s going on, forum highlights, jokes, and just about everything else under the sun. This is the longest running online casino newsletter in existence. First edition November 1998. This is sent out about once every two weeks or so.

Webmeister Wire: all the pertaining news for webmasters and affiliates to include new casino affiliate programs, affiliate warnings, SEO tips, all this and more. This is delivered to you once a month.

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Industry News

Novibet in Support of Gamble Aware & Safer Gambling Initiatives

By Simon Wright Jan 14, 2022

The online casino Novibet have donated £20,000 to the responsible gambling charity Gamble Aware

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