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Our Special Members at Casinomeister®

Meister Minions are an integral part of Casinomeister. Meister Minions are members who have volunteered to fulfill two very important roles at Casinomeister: they provide intelligence on casinos which assists us in keeping our database up to date, and they rate and provide user testimonials in our reviews. They also are champions of the Casinomeister brand, spreading the word via the Internet and offline of the Casinomeister community and its usefulness as a resource for players. Meister Minions will be expected to refer members, share articles and postings in social media, and basically help out by spreading the love.

This is open to Fully Registered members and above. Once you have been promoted to a Full Member, joining is a cinch. Just join via your settings in your profile. (you need to be logged in) Once you have been accepted (Full Member and above in good standing – no riff raff please), you will be given access to our Meister Minions special forum where we will collect information and give instructions. Meister Minions will be expected to contribute, so only apply if you would like to offer a bit of your time to spreading the word and feeding back in.

Why join?

  • Here is the good part. As a Meister Minion you will become an integral part of Casinomeister, and will be rewarded with a cool little badge for your profile. Meister Minion. Meister Minion
  • Besides – If you have ambitions of becoming part of the Casinomeister Advisory Group (CAG) then you will give yourself the best chance of being invited to this exclusive group by proving yourself as a Meister Minion.
  • Also, Meister Minions can vote on the Best Casino of the Year. So if you want to be part of the voting process, join and become active now.
  • Meister Minions who are extra helpful are awarded with trophies and Amazon gift coupons. Here is a list of our Meister Minion awardees.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask either me or Gourdfollower who is managing the Meister Minion forum.