No Deposit Bonus Codes 2021

No Deposit Bonus Offers: Good Or Bad?

Guest article by Dunover:

As with many businesses like your local Superstore for example, online casinos will produce some seemingly tempting offers to get you through the door and achieve their aim of recruiting you as a customer.
Perhaps the most eye-catching is the No-Deposit Bonus (NDB) offer which will be presented to us as a ‘something for nothing’ opportunity

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to arouse that most basic facet of human nature within us all. The NDB may come in the form of a fixed amount, i.e. a free chip for 10 or a quantity of free spins on a specific slot where the amount of the chip is determined by your revenue from those spins. Okay, you’ve seen the bonus banner screaming this offer and it looks good, so what can possibly go wrong?

Online casinos have many complex rules and terms thus the unwary or inexperienced player can easily fall foul of them: you need primarily to do two things, the first of which is to ALWAYS read the Terms and Conditions applicable to the NDB offer and secondly work out the math, as the chances of converting these NDB’s to cash are far slimmer than with using the standard ‘deposit match’ bonuses you may be used to.

Most slots pay around 96% return to player (RTP) so for example a standard 50 deposit with 100% match gives you 100 in bonus funds to play with. Assuming 1 unit per spin you will lose 4% on average each spin, so if we have a 40x Bonus wagering requirement we need to make 2000 spins at 1 unit to complete wagering. At 4% per spin multiplied by 2000 this will cost 80 so on completion of wagering you would be left with 20 in cash funds. You deposited 50 so the math was ‘expected value minus’ or EV- as players tend to label it. After all the casinos aren’t in business to give money away!

Having seen the example above for a standard bonus, and having exercised due diligence by reading the terms, you will invariably find the NDB wagering is significantly higher at 80, 90 or sometimes even 100x the chip value. Yes, you can effectively win free money but the chances of doing so are slight, as indeed you would expect. One possible benefit is that due to the very high wagering required you may find some of the high-volatility or very high RTP
slots which are normally excluded from standard bonus wagering are permissible, thus giving you the opportunity to play pretty much any slot with this bonus, which may not be the case with a deposit match. Again, the terms are king here!

I can say with absolute certainty that wherever you see the NDB offer, there will be a conversion limit or winning cap. This simply means you cannot cash-out more than a fixed amount of say 50 or 100. This is quite understandable but you will definitely need to register a payment method such as a debit or credit card in order to retrieve this small win. The terms may also stipulate you need to make a real-money deposit of a minimum of 25 to take this cash, something which hopefully you have made yourself aware of by thoroughly reading the bonus and general terms.

The final and equally important consideration with a NDB is how the casino treats the cash once wagering is complete. If you’ve actually been fortunate enough to complete this and have exceeded the capped maximum conversion, what happens? Well to begin with your balance should be instantly trimmed to that amount, say 100. You may then wish to continue playing as if that amount was a cash deposit with no restrictions and in some cases that may be permissible allowing you to continue to build your cash up. You may discover in the terms however that you must register a deposit method and withdraw first, and only a subsequent fresh deposit will allow you unlimited winnings.

If you are an affiliate you may find NDB offers are detrimental as whether the player wins or loses inevitably this bonus cost is factored in to your earnings, so if the new registrant doesn’t go on to become a depositing customer both the promoter (if applicable) and casino have ultimately lost out. Given the fact these NDB’s are so EV- there are likely many players who will spend a considerable time playing while failing to make the wagering and leave the casino account with a feeling of negativity and thus not become a customer.

In conclusion NDB’s are undoubtedly an effective way of attracting players by providing them with what amounts to a ‘free shot’. This chance though is heavily laden with restrictions, conditions and limits that can so easily snare the unwary. When we consider that in excess of half of all complaints to eCogra and various dispute resolution services relate to bonuses and NDB terms are especially stringent, any player tempted should do their homework first and I cannot reiterate this enough read the terms thoroughly! In general the more spectacular or seemingly large a bonus offer is, the more you should be suspicious. If you want to view any of these NDB offers use the Accredited List or the Free Spins Thread where members have checked the casinos and left feedback. If you want a free shot, make sure it isn’t in your own foot – good luck!

What is a No deposit Bonus?

The No deposit Bonus is an offer by the online casino to deposit a small amount of money into the player account after the player registers with the casino. Obviously without any deposit requirement. Typically this is €10, €15 or €25, usually not more than that. The No-deposit…

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Bonus is definitely the easiest bonus category, because it will be received right after registering a player account. It’s not always automatically credited to the account though. Some online casinos will require a request by email or by submitting a form on their website. Usually, the No-deposit Bonus (NDB) is a fairly small bonus, however it’s a good way to introduce a player to different games and to give the player an idea of what the online casino has to offer.

Type of No Deposit Bonuses

Important to know is that there are two different categories of online  No Deposit Casino Bonuses: The Free Play Bonus and the Free Spins Bonus. To understand what the  casino bonus requires and to figure out whether it’s worth claiming or not, you should always carefully read through the T&C’s . These are often located elsewhere on the casino’s website and cannot be found within the regular T&C’s of the online casino.

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Free Play Bonus

To take advantage of a Free Play Bonus, a player needs to register a new player account with the online casino. At this stage, no Credit Card or bank details are required.  A typical Free Play Bonus works like an extension of a regular No-deposit Bonus. But instead of a small amount of money that a player will have added to the player account, a Free Play Bonus offers a much larger amount to play with. This can be as much as €1,000 or more and this can be used at any given moment but only within a certain amount of time, even as little as within 30 minutes or an hour. Within this time limit, a player has to do as much as possible with the Free Play Bonus money, because after that, the bonus will be gone. Of course a player won’t be able to simply cash out after finishing up the Free Play Bonus period. Instead, it’s more likely for a player to get any winnings as a 100% match on a future deposit that’s needed to be able to continue playing.

Free Spins Bonus

Free Spins Bonuses are a type of No-deposit Bonus that will give a player the opportunity to try a new casino or a new game without having to make a deposit and not having to risk anything, but to still have a chance to win real money. With a Free Spin Bonus an online casino offers the players a chance to play their favourite slots for free. The Free Spin Bonus will be received as soon as a new player registers an account with the online casino. Any winnings from these free spins will be added to the casino balance for the player to play with. Again, a player won’t be able to simply cashout winnings resulted from a Free Spin Bonus. T&C’s will always apply.

Freespins and Free Bets New Forum

We have created a special forum to collect Free spins Announcements published by Accredited Casinos or Casinos in Period of BBF: Free Spins Forum.

Our community are posting Daily New Offers there.

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