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What is an Accredited Casino?

At Casinomeister, we have been certifying online casinos as “Accredited” since the year 2002. Before then, they were simply called “Recommended”. Accredited casinos have been vetted by our player community only after they have met the requirements and standards found on this page: How to Become an Accredited Casino.

The vetting process is done by our members – many of whom have over a decade of experience playing on the best online casinos. This process is called the Baptism By Fire, and not every casino can manage this. Most casinos do not qualify for this test – and many fear it.

Not only do these casinos need to meet our rigid standards, marketing and operating procedures, they must maintain them. We regularly review these casinos to ensure that they abide by our Accredited standards. If you notice discrepancies, please post these in our forum, and we will tend to them as soon as possible.

The bottom line is, we have the highest standards of any online gaming portal. We put our reputation on the line for these casinos, and they are not only vetted by us, but they are considered highly recommended by Casinomeister®. Protection Status

So – what is an accredited casino? Well I’ll tell you what it is, and why this is extremely important for you – the punter – to understand.

Casinomeister started up in 1998 mainly to list casinos that met certain standards so that gamblers had a safe place to play. I can tell you that we were the first website on the Internet to actually vet casinos before allowing them to advertise. No one – I repeat no one was doing this.

I came up with a few standards, and as the years went by, these standards became more detailed and rigid. And still – to this day, we are one of the few websites that do this.

There are a number of websites – the owners who I am friends with – that will only advertise casinos that have been scrutinized by us.

Unfortunately, there are many, many, many more website owners who just don’t care – they simply will advertise the casinos that pay the most. If you are selling shoes, that might be ok. But when you are promoting casinos for gamblers, then you must add ethics into the equation.

What makes our standards different so special? Well our standards go further than most proper licensing jurisdiction standards such as:

Must disclose all “sister” or related properties when applicable. If players are bound by terms that are enforced across a group of casinos, these casinos must be identified in an obvious place on the casino’s website.

Must pay out progressive jackpot wins in full or in reasonable chunks, regardless of any terms and conditions limiting payouts. There are many casinos that will only pay you around 10k per month if you win a multi million dollar jackpot – which is total bullshit. Progressive jackpots do not belong to the casino – it’s not their funds. It’s the player’s – and it should be paid out immediately in full.

Another one: Must not confiscate winnings for vague & unclear reasons, such as “irregular playing patterns” or “bonus abuse”, without specific T&C violations.
You would not believe how many casinos out there don’t pay players because they don’t like the way they played – they had “irregular” betting patterns.

We don’t accept new casinos that are solely licensed in the Caribbean or other dodgy places. We don’t accept casinos that outsource their support.

And if they meet our standards, then we have a vetting period that can last up to four months – and if all goes well, they become accredited.

So if they are listed here at Casinomeister as an Accredited Casino – well then, you should have assurance that you will be treated fairly by a professional and experienced staff.

Here’s a cheers to the act of due diligence. Casinomeister’s accredited casinos.

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