Forum Policies

Our Forum Members who Follow the rules - Meister Meeting 2018
Our Forum Members who Follow the rules – Meister Meeting 2018

Bannings and Spankings

At Casinomeister, we recognize freedom of expression as the foundation of any good forum; language can be a powerful tool. But with great power comes great responsibility (sound familiar?). We welcome opinions from every viewpoint and encourage debate, but we draw the line at flaming or being troll-like. This behavior (in the Casinomeister POV) is unnecessary and will be addressed when we are aware of it.

If you find yourself being reprimanded for being naughty (check our rules for unacceptable behavior), it will usually start with a verbal warning (depends on the situation). If bad behavior continues, you may find your account suspended (a spanking). Depending on the circumstances, a first time offense may be a matter of a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

We subscribe to the “three strikes, yer out!” philosophy. If your account has been suspended at least three times, then you have shown us that you don’t value your membership and our forum is just not a good match for you. You will be encouraged to move on and find another source of amusement.

Suspensions: Sometimes all it takes is an apology to be let back in before your suspended time is up. If it’s a situation of flaming, and you have made a sincere apology to the ones flamed (and they accept the apology), then we’ll take this into consideration. Again, it all depends on the situation and moderators have the last word in this.

Banishments: Once you are permanently banned, that’s it – pack your bags and go. Permanent bans are reserved for members who lack self discipline and continue to flame and/or act as trolls (remember – three strikes ‘n yer out). Player fraud and bogus PABs can jeopardize your account as well. Spamming, shilling, or just being a righteous pain in the ass (read – too annoying), may be a way to find your account upgraded to closed.

At our discretion: banned members who are caught creating additional accounts in order to exploit this forum, to spam, to act as trolls, will have their personal information posted for public viewing – to include email addresses and recorded casino account names (if any). If this displeases you, that is unfortunate. Don’t screw around here.

Deleting Accounts – quitting the forum

We don’t delete accounts unless you are a bot or serial spammer. If you wish to close your account, we will put it into a “dormant” state in case you want to open it back up in the future. We also have “Quit Gambling” or “On a Break” as an option for quitting the forum. Check your user profile for joinable user groups.


Using the “thanks” button

When we appreciate what others give to us, we should thank them. Giving “thanks” to other forum members is an opportunity to show that their contributions are appreciated. This system will allow you to give thanks and to receive them, to view how many thanks you receive, and what you have been thanked for.

Once you have made at least 10 posts in our forum, you will see a button on everyone’s post except your own (sorry, you can’t “thank” yourself):
Click this and you’ll be thanking that member. You will also be adding 5 points to that member’s reputation.

Why do we do this? This gives everyone in the forum a chance to give credit to well thought out posts. This is how you can show your appreciation.

How it works:

  • Click the “Thanks” button, and you’ve thanked the person.
  • If you change your mind, you can remove the “thanks”.
  • The total amount of “thanks” given and received are listed in your user profile and user CP.
  • For every post you are “Thanked” for, you gain 5 points of reputation.

Now I know many members use this as an “I Agree” button, well that’s fine since I and the mods do it too. But please bear in mind what you are agreeing with. If the person is making a statement that you agree with, well by all means give him/her a cyber “high-five” with the “Thanks” button.

But if a person is ragging on another member, I would suggest NOT “high fiving” this member because this is “mobbing” and is totally uncool.

Imagine being in a room with members of the forum. Someone makes a comment directed at you stating “You have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re a moron – get a life.” and people start high-fiving this member – how would you feel?

This is not something you’d do in person; please don’t do it in the forum.

In essence, use some discretion when thanking your fellow members. Do not become “uncool.”

For those of you who use this “inappropriately”, your thanking privileges may be disabled. I also will take the liberty of removing those that I feel are mob-like.

There will be certain incentives offered to those who have been “thanked” the most, and for those who thank during certain periods of time. Please don’t abuse the system. Abuse is thanking other members for no apparent reason just to boost their reputation. I know this is subjective, but I know abuse when I see it . Some of the incentives may include special permissions, free beer, and other cool things TBA.

Deleting Posts and Threads

Posts that are considered spam may or may not be deleted by the moderators. We reserve the right to edit said posts and include spammers’ email addresses or IPs. This is up to our discretion. Spammers will be reported to global spam databases such as Spammers spamming affiliate links will be reported to their affiliate managers, and we will request that those accounts be shut down.

Posts that are considered “extreme flaming” using the dreaded c*** word, etc., will remain. These posts will NOT be deleted and you’ll just have to live with being spanked and looking like a real moron for your lack of self-discipline.

If someone posts information that could be considered trade secrets or confidential “eyes only” material, we will take this into consideration – but will perhaps edit the post, not delete it.

In other words, deleting any posts/threads will be kept at a bare minimum.


Referring new members to Casinomeister’s forum

About referrals: you can refer people to this forum, and when they sign up – you get credit. Why refer people to Casinomeister’s Forum? Well, it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure that the more people participate, the more dynamic place this is. Take an active part in building YOUR community. Start referring new members today!

You gain referrals by promoting Casinomeister’s Forum: Largest Online Casino Community Since 1998 using your unique referral link. The link you should use as your referral link is this:

Each time someone follows this link to Casinomeister’s Forum: Largest Online Casino Community Since 1998 and registers as a new member, your referral count will be incremented by one. The number of referrals you have can be viewed in your profile.

There will be monthly prizes or rewards given to the members who have the most referrals.

Referring guidelines:

Please be courteous when promoting Casinomeister’s Forum: Largest Online Casino Community Since 1998 by not spamming other web sites with your referral link just to gain referrals. DO NOT spam other message boards with your link. If you generate complaints, your account may be suspended. Try to bring in members you feel will either add to this community by their profound knowingness, or who will gain insights being the lost sheep that they are. Remember, this is your community, color it with members you feel you want to share this with.