Casino Reviews: Rating System Explanation

Points System

Each casino starts at ten points, and for each category – points are removed or added determined by hierarchies in that category.


What is taken into account is how many software platforms the casino uses (casino games, poker, sports, live games, etc.). Also what is considered are the the amount of games – and how many providers are being used. The bottom line is the score is based on how a casino can meet players’ needs.

All Platforms = highest
Some Platforms (i.e. casino games, live games, poker) = high
Few Platforms (i.e. slots, live games) = medium
All slots = medium
One provider (et al RTG) = low
Shit = low


Each jurisdiction is responsible for its licensees, and those jurisdictions that have benchmark standards are rated highest – those that have a laissez faire attitude or little to no infrastructure to properly handle player issues are rated lowest.

Further information: Our Online Casino Jurisdiction Ratings System

Kahnawake – highest
UKGC – highest
Alderney – high
Isle of Man – high
Malta (MGA)- high
New Jersey – high
Gibraltar – medium
Antigua – low
Costa Rica – low
Curacao – low
Cyprus – low
Panama – low

Reverse Time

The reverse time is the amount of time that your funds are available to be reversed from pending withdrawal to playable. In other words it’s how long you have until you cannot play your winnings back. The shorter time the better. This is how it works:
0 hrs – highest
1 – 12 hours – high
13 – 24 hours – medium
25 – 48 hours – low
+48 hours – lowest

Rating Casinos at Casinomeister
Rating Casinos at Casinomeister

Cash Out Time

This is the time it takes to process your funds to the payment processor.

0 – 11 hours – highest
12 – 23 hours – high
24 – 47 hours – medium
48 – 71 hours – low
72 hours and higher – lowest

Weekly Withdrawal Limits

Quite a number of casinos have weekly cashout limits to control their cash flow – those that do not have limits are rated highest:

No limit – highest
10,000 or higher – high
5001 – 9999 – medium
3001 – 5000 – low
2000 – 3000 – lowest

Other areas of scoring:

Casinos receive points for a “yes” answer in the following areas:

Casinomeister Seal Holder – y/n
Publicly traded – y/n
Locks Withdrawals – y/n
Weekend Cashouts – y/n

Date established – the longer a casino has been operating under the same ownership and/or management the more points it gets (longevity).

Date Accredited – the longer a casino has been listed in the Accredited Section at Casinomeister, the more points it receives (dependability).

Meister Points:

These are points given to a casino whose representatives are responsive and efficacious to its players and affiliates. i-Gaming reps can affect their score by their participation (or non-participation) in our forum.

Areas of observance:

  • Receiving awesome Meister Casino Awards
  • Posting timely and helpful replies to complaints.
  • Engaging the membership with interesting and insightful discourse.
  • Posting exclusive promos.
  • Maintaining an attitude that reflects the Casinomeister Philosophy