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Simmo’s online casino FAQThe idea behind these pages is to try and pass on things I’ve learned from my own personal experiences from playing online casinos. And yes, this does mean some of it is purely reflecting my opinion! The online casino landscape is changing rapidly, and largely for the better, as the industry starts to stabilise and learn from it’s past. There are still bad places to go, but there are more and more safe places also. While we’re still waiting for the “perfect casino”, a number of very professional operations are out there, some of whom are now publically listed companies and under the eyes of the stock exchange.

online casino FAQ

The key of course is not only to find a safe and reputable place to play, but one that supports your habits and requirements. Although many casinos have similar games, as you’ll discover when you read on, each tends to have a different way of operating, different plus points, and of course minus points that will impact the player experience. If you are new to all this online casino milarky, I’d suggest you read up on the stuff you should know before depositing first!

A Little About Me

Probably important to let you know who you’re dealing with first eh! I go under the online moniker of Simmo! (despite my, erm, “dodgy” forum avatar, right, this is a serious guide in case you wondered!) and I am a moderator at the popular Casinomeister player forum. I’ve been playing casually at online casinos for around 3 years and have played at a whole host of different places, thankfully mostly good ones! My requirements from a good casino are good entertaining slots, fast cashouts and fast efficient support who listen to what I want. The first is easy to find, the second less so, and the third is even rarer! But…that said…I’m an optimist so it’s natural that I should think that overall, the online casino world is in relatively good shape now, especially compared to how it was! There are still rogues out there, but it’s become much easier to find out who you can trust, as these pages hope to demonstrate, and there are plenty of good, if not great, casino operations out there operating in jurisdictions like Gibraltar and the Isle Of Man who take regulation very seriously. Plus there are forums like Casinomeister where a good balance of players have a voice and where most operators hang out, handle complaints, and generally garner feedback.

I started out by playing Video Poker, but am more of a slots fan now. While this provides a higher level of entertainment for me, it is also higher-risk, so I have developed strategies to help manage what I spend and look after my budget. Aside from deciding the right casino to play, this is arguably the single most important piece of information I’m intending to provide here, so I would really check out the ” How To Manage Your Gambling Budget” section before you leave. It’ll be handy for players who sometimes get carried away I’m sure.

In my moderator and player’s role at Casinomeister I have seen a lot happening in casino-land over the past couple of years. I’ve seen casinos cheating players, players cheating casinos, good casinos come, bad casinos come and go…and plenty of interesting player experiences. I am hoping that many of the issues faced by players there are dealt with here…but of course there are always new tidbits of info to add.

So anyway, there may be times when I’m teaching the more experienced players to suck eggs here, but if you manage to get through all these pages, I feel pretty sure that you’ll come out the other end in a position where you won’t get burned, will know what to expect and generally have some safe fun. Unless you play “bonuses” of course – then it’s in the lap of the Gods

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