Before you go anywhere, you’re going to need to know how to tell a good casino from a not so good one and if you want someone to do that for you, the Casinomeister Accredited Casinos page is where to start. There are several factors in deciding the right casino which I’ll attempt to explain below and iwthin these pages, but first, draw the distinction between “safe” and “good”. I regard a “safe” casino as one who will pay you your winnings in a timely fashion with no fuss and one who will treat your personal information as exactly that: personal.

A “good” casino factors in all sorts of other things: service, games, support…but to be “good”, in my eyes it has also to be “safe”. In this section, we deal with “safe“! If you find casino that looks appealing and despite reading what I’ve written below, you’re still struggling to decide whether to sign up, check out the How To Tell If A Casino Is Legitimate page,and Spot the Rogue.

Things To Look For

When you arrive at a casino website, you will undoubtedly see some “seals” or mention of various approvals from various organisations. Some are good, while some are little more than a pretty picture. The first thing I look for is the “software” the casino uses and then for the “licensed in” (or “regulated by”) information. Finally, there are some independent (unofficial) bodies that offer casino “certification”.