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Newsletters for Players

newsletter-200x200Casinomeister’s newsletter is the most provocative, informative, entertaining newsletter that deals with online gambling in existance. I have been publishing this newsletter since 1998, and it have been the pulse of this industry.
And it’s a bona fide newsletter. It’s not an ad-laden “rah-rah” cyber fish-wrap, it covers what concerns players, affiliates and industry folk. Plus with each issue, there is a joke included that is actually funny.
And the best thing about this newsletter – it is absolutely free. It only costs you the precious time you have to read it.

Newsletters for Affiliates

The “Webmeister Wire” is a newsletter strictly for webmasters, affiliates, affiliate managers, SEO aficionados, and anyone else that is dedicated to making a living from one’s abode, or interested in making the Internet a better place.

Newsletters for Operators

The “Meister Blatt” is a newsletter strictly for affiliate managers, casino operators, software providers and developers, and anyone else that is involved in this industry.

The “Meister Blatt” is published once a month or so.

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