Rogue and Blacklisted Casinos 2021

How to Spot a Rogue Casino?

Over the years, Casinomeister’s infamous and sometimes coveted “Rogue Pit” has spawned into a number of categories – each with it’s own level of roguish attributes. There is the most serious level of being a straight out “rogue” operation that is clearly a rip off joint to the lesser “Bumblings, Blunders and Negligence” and “Stupid Casino Tricks”.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter whether these operations are just plain sloppy or have intentions to cheat – the operations listed within these confines need to be scrutinized by the careful and diligent player. Proceed with caution, and at times – trepidation…..


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The Rogue Casino list is a bit more serious than simply not being recommended. Most of these online casinos are guilty of gross customer negligence bordering on the criminal. Some of these online casinos have disappeared leaving their players empty-handed and downright disgusted with the industry as a whole.

Not Recommended Casinos

The “Not Recommended” casinos are just that, they are casinos that are not recommended because of substandard customer service, poor support, serious payment delays, bad bonus terms, and questionable business practices. Simply stated – these are casinos that you should avoid until they have corrected these malfunctions.

Rogue Affiliate Programs

These programs will cheat the affiliate by either detagging players, skim profits, or pratice other unethical behavior.

Bumblings, Blunders and Negligence

The “Bumblings, Blunders and Negligence” section is reserved for casinos that either screw-up something fierce or are negligent by failing to protect their players from software bugs, stolen data-bases, or commit other acts of serious stupidity. In the military it’s called “dereliction of duty” and is punishable by massive pushups, water-boarding, or burning shitters.

Evil Casino Software Providers

There are certain software providers that either have funkified software that cheats, or they have a “hands off” approach to their licensees, allowing the online casino to do whatever they please.

Dungeon of Evil

This is the archived section of the Rogue Pit – casinos that faded away into the depths. Most are offline or out of business, but that’s not saying their operators aren’t. This is why this section exists. The complaints may be outdated, the sites may be dead, but in the Dungeon they molder.