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Slots Alley Flagship Casino
Casino Onliner
Lucky Trump Casino
Magic Trump Casino

Software provider: Casinovasoftware
Probation Revoked – re-rogued 31 December 2004
Added 10 December 2003
Placed on “probation” 1 July 2004
Probation “revoked” 31 December 2004

“Affiliate” Spam Update – 10 June 2005

Most of the spam received from this casino casino group has been blamed on an affiliate. Spam that has spoofed Trident Lounge and Got2bet email addresses (in other words it was doctored to look like it was coming from their email addresses) included the affiliate link AF0000001313. This link was used in the spam campaigns in December and in January. When the operator was confronted with this he responded:

Delivered-To: me@xcasinomeister.com
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 15:55:19 +0200
From: FBA Partners <fba@fbapartners.com>
Subject: RE: Complaint at Casinomeister
To: ‘Bryan Bailey’
Reply-to: fba@fbapartners.com
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook, Build 10.0.6626Bryan,BTW, I just got an update from Lucky Traffic that AF0000001313 affiliate account has been cancelled 2 days ago. Cancellation was caused by spam reports they have received from different sources (Neptune and 1 or 2 more), and by damage to program image (blacklist at your site).Regards,The operator

If this account was cancelled, why then did I receive several spam mails with the “cancelled” affiliate tag AF0000001313 on 10 June 2005?

Give ’em enough rope

Issue Number 1 – Evil Spam:
Since being put on probation in July of 2004, there have been two gross violations of evil spam. Both had targeted unsuspecting recipients with a spam email that was made to look like it was coming from the reputable Trident Lounge Group. Here is one example that I received personally:

Delivered-To: my@personalemail.com
Reply-To: “Support Dep” <n_replay@kingneptunescasino.com>
From: “Support Dep” <support@kingneptunescasino.com>
To: <my@personalemail.com>
Subject: RE:choose both for 650% in bonuses
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 23:19:36 +0200
Organization: _ _.
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2600.0000650% in Bonuses NOW!
Amazing games + 2 Sign-up Bonuses!
Slots Alley Casino
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Casino On Liner
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Needless to say the unsubscribe link was a dead link. Then in December 2004, another spam mail like this one appeared, but this time the unsubscribe link was live, and it went directly King Neptunes Casino’s unsubscribe page.

Issue Number 2 – Baffling us with Bullshit:
What’s the deal with the Trump Casino Group? Do we look like nitwits? Donald Trump has his own group of land-based casinos. How many unsuspecting players have fallen for this ruse? Probably way too many. I’m sure Donald Trump has given his blessing over this casino “group” NOT. And this is the sort of thing the US Department of Justice eats up, and it supports their quest to ban online gaming for Americans.

Jeesus! Who do you think you’re fooling here?

Issue Number 3 – Evidence of possible cheating software:
A cautionary tale appeared on Arnold Snyder’s Blackjack Forum Online in an investigative story by “Radar O’Reilly”, who warns readers to be cautious around Slots Alley, Casino Onliner, and LuckNRoll.

Says Radar:

“The results we recorded on the Jacks or Better video poker at LuckNRoll online casino were mathematically impossible on a fair game.”

He then produces the mathematical analysis to support this assertion, which can be found under the title “Getting Rolled at Luck ‘N Roll” on the Blackjack Forum Online.com< site. The casino responses to this player’s questions are puzzling and give me reason for alarm.

Fair is fair. I gave this casino group the benefit of the doubt when it came to “believing” that they were 100% legit. But as they say, when it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck.

Slots Alley Group
For the record: Considerations for “probation” 1 July 2004
I met with the owner of Slots Alley while at the GIGSE in Toronto – May 2004. He pretty much explained everything to me and answered most of my accusations. My main concern was how a small casino operation was supporting progressives as large as the ones at Intercasino and the Sands.

What he explained made sense, that he had set his own money aside, as well as funds from his partners to cover these progressives. He is willing to take a serious hit with these progressives since this is something he planned for during his start up period – and as a result he hopes to be considered a casino group that pays its winners and that his progressive games are worth playing.

To earn legitimacy and credibility in this industry, you have to convince those of us who watch and investigate via transparency and “open frankness”. Where are their winners? Why haven’t they issued press releases concerning these winners? The owner stated he was a bit apprehensive on making this widely public because it would have drawn more attention from me. Well, that was a mistake. If members of the press are not made aware of these progressive wins, then why should any of us believe that they actually happen? This industry is drenched with doubt and skeptics. Innocence is not taken for granted; it must be proven. The proof is in the pudding so to speak, so I’m willing to keep watching these guys and to give them the benefit of the doubt and credit where credit is due. Let’s see some winners.

Winners are listed here: http://www.popularcasinogroup.com

Original Rogue Listing – 10 December 2003

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when at first we practice to deceive…

In October 2003, a player posted a question in our forum, wondering if anyone had heard of Slots Alley Casino:

…they are being promoted by www.gamblersonnet.com. (anyone had experience with this site?). They are offering 300% unlimited sign-up bonus, and it’s not a sticky bonus. Wagering requirements: 20 times purchase and bonus. I did a search on this board and found nothing. That offer looks to me to be too good to be true, even though as a BJ player, BJ does not count towards the wagering requirements.

This prompted a discussion where a number of players chimed in that there were some problems with this casino: there was an outrageous bonus being offered, the progressives that were being displayed seemed to be a little inflated, they were being “approved” by an unknown “Fair Gaming Labs”, and there were reports of glitchy software.

“Natalie” contacted me after being alerted to the thread, and I responded to her email with the following:

Hi Natalie,

I just wanted to make contact with you since I’m a bit concerned about what’s going on with your casino. A few things were brought up in the message board at Casinomeister, and I’ve been doing some investigating myself.

For one thing, it’s the progressives. How are the progressives tallied via your casino? Actually, how many casinos have pooled the funds that are at your disposal for payouts. Alarms go off in my head when I see a Keno progressive at $318,708 when Intercasino just paid a record $206,548 last month. How is this possible. Please let me know.

Speaking of software, there have been reports of glitchiness (five of a kind, etc.). Could you please comment on this too? Thanks!

Also, the 300% bonus with no limit is an accident waiting to happen. As you are well aware (well you should be), there are a number of very sharp and devious players, some of whom have landed in my “evil players” section, that would make a killing and set your casino out in the street with this sort of offer. If this were to happen, what would happen to the rest of the players’ winnings and deposits? What sort of insurance would they have?

Finally, I have a big problem with FGL. The certificate that you have on your casino mimics both the wording and look of a PWC certificate, and alarm bells are ringing in my ear when I look at it. I have been attempting contact with FGL for over a week now with no success. My only recourse is to add them to the “fake watchdog” section at Casinomeister since I feel that they are deceiving players with what they are doing.

I hope you can comment on these issues since a lot of this is going to press via newsletters and the webcast, and I’m hoping to have your side of the story as well. Thanks!



Well, she promptly responded with an email that she considered confidential information. This is fine and dandy, but there were public questions that needed public answers. So she gave me the answers for these specific questions, and she gave me permission to post these in the forum:

1. How are the progressives tallied via your casino? How do players know these are real? The software owner is dead against making public the way the progressive network is constructed. As I have explained they have some legal problems operating the clubs and fear complications. We don’t want to lie or put a spin on the answer. Will it be enough to explain that the casino was launched with the intention of adding more casinos later to participate in the network. (others will be launched very soon). 2. How are you able to offer a 300% bonus without jeopardizing your casino or player funds? We are WELL aware of the risk in running the 300% bonus. We came with a specific marketing approach of providing relatively large bonuses, but significantly restrict cash-out terms the minimum wager requierment is very high and every bonus carries such restrictions as stated on our site. We do not admit “evil players” using various blacklists.

Players may rest assured that the casino can afford and will always honor any and all cash-out requests. We do not go over board.
Our casino shares the profits with players – we are willing to make less profit per player then other casinos. But today we are far from unique, there are pleanty of other casinos, that offer even higher bonuses from various vendors.

3. What is your position on FLG? FGL is a group of professional mathmaticians and programers, they don’t compromise and they really made an impression on us. It’s a part of a software company that decided to start this business but we were not aware that we would be their only client. We actually predicted that they will become significant players in the field of payout auditing and random checks (they are much more accomplished than any accountant). They led us to believe that they have new customers signing up within a very short period of time. But they failed and we are now in a very delicate position of being the only client. We have informed FGL that if they won’t expand their business we are not going to extend our cooperation with them.

4. What have you done about reported glitches in the software? Yes there were several glitches in our software and some players were affected. Everyone of them was compensated to his satisfaction. Yes we had 3 players that showed a balance much higher than what was recorded on our servers it was corrected and they were compensated and all issues were resolved immediately! There were other incidents where the software made a mistake in calculating the payout. We immediatly corrected the mistake and as to the players affect, two of which didn’t even notice. We made them aware, apologized and compensated them.

I am happy to say that today I cannot recall the last time something like this happened.

We treat our players with great respect and care, our cash-out’s are prompt and we pay a lot of attention to customer service, I answer and interact with players myself pulling problems from support people much more than the average manager. We don’t use templates, form letters or auto replies every claim and complaint is seriously handled.

Well this was posted, and I gave her the benefit of the doubt that she was being truthful with me…but something just didn’t sit right with me; I couldn’t put my finger on it

A couple of weeks later, I went to Barcelona, Spain for the European Internet Gaming conference. And I was having lunch with a good friend of mine, we’ll call him Jimmy for now. Out of the blue he asked me if I knew anything about this casino Slots Alley. So I told him my story and about what I knew about this casino that “seemed” to be okay, but something wasn’t quite right.

He then explained things to me: The casino in question is run by two guys. One guy is a former employee of Spiral Solutions, and apparently the scripting for the progressive trackers that are used at Spiral’s Jackpot Madness website was ripped off by this former employee — Nati. It turns out Nati and his brother-in-law went into business together and started up this online casino. As this was explained to me, everything clicked together and finally made sense. In fact, remember that my main point of contact at the casino was “Natalie” and here we were talking about “Nati”.

I held off on reporting this for a couple of weeks, since I wanted to confirm this with the CEO of Spiral. He confirmed my suspicions upon my return.

In mid December 2003, I received a number of emails from “Natalie’s” boss, and he chastised me for being careless in my investigation. He mentioned that it’s true, there was a Nati working there, but it wasn’t necessarily the same person. And it was true that “Natalie” was a fake name, and that it was a guy who was writing – but not necessarily Nati. All of my questions concerning who their land based outfit was went unanswered.

Avoid these casinos at all costs.

Slots Alley
Casino Onliner
Casino Onliner
Lucky Traffic
Lucky Trump
Lucky Trump Casino
Magic Trump
Magic Trump Casino
Popular Casino Group
Trump Casino Group
Fair Gaming Labs Watchdog site
Gamblersonnet Portal

Casinovasoftware Software Provider

Added 10 June 2005: