Azteca Casino Review

"False Licensing claim"


First Impression

Software provider: Top Game
Licensing Jurisdiction: Nowhere
Added 13 July 2010
Updated 12 March 2012 – removed Rich Casino – sold to another casino group.

Lying liars who lie to us

One of the most crucial elements of a casino is its licensing jurisdiction. Casinos that are licensed in jurisdictions such as Gibraltar are generally the most rock solid entities in the business. At press time (13 July 2010), there are only 19 Gibraltar based licensees – most of which are highly rated publicly traded companies. Costa Rican clip shot joints should never be confused with these distinguished companies.

But wait a moment – there seems to be some confusion: here we have three Top Game casinos that are claiming to be licensed in Gibraltar. At least they were making this claim before getting busted out in our forum here and here.

A Top Gaming rep stated that it was probably a mistake: “It looks as though the same content writer was used for these sites and didn’t check his facts.” That is preposterous in my opinion. Are we supposed to believe that the operators and managers never read their “Fair Gaming” page? They didn’t go through these with a fine-toothed comb? How many months did this go unnoticed? How many players were duped into downloading this software thinking that this casino was in the same league as 32red, Betfred, or Ladbrokes. This is totally inexcusable – casino operators who pull stunts like this ought to be drummed out of the business.

As soon as it was brought to our intention in the forum, the pages were changed with the comment concerning the Gibraltar licensing removed. So everything now is honky dory right? Wrong! These acts of deceptive content writing directly reflect on the operator’s business ethics. They will lie to you in order to get you to play. Avoid these casinos at all costs:

Aztecasino Screenshot cache 22 April 2010

Casinostates screenshot  “cache 20 June 2010″

End Note: Just take a look at the names of these casinos: Aztec asino (an’t spell), Casino States (eh? like in the state of being – or United States?).

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