Atlantic Vegas Casino Review

"Deceptive marketing"


First Impression

Lying liars who lie to us

Obtaining a gaming license is a crucial part of running a legitimate casino operation. And some licenses have higher standards than others. Alderney is one of the more stringent, if not the most stringent jurisdiction available for casino operators. It is coveted amongst many who are in this business.

So here comes Atlantic Vegas Casino, a funky looking casino using mystery software. And they claim to be licensed in Alderney. Screen shot here.

A quick glance at Alderney’s website proves that they are not listed, so I engaged the casino’s online chat:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with ‘Sean’

Sean: Hello. How may I assist you?
you: hi do you accept us players?
Sean: Hello. Yes all US players are accepted

That was my first question that really answered everything. Alderney licensees are prohibited from taking US bets. But I went further.

you: where are you licensed?
Sean: we are licensed at Alderney
you: what is your software?
Sean: Please hold on one moment I will be back to you shortly
you: I checked alderney’s website but you are not listed. Are you listed under a different company?
Sean: This is a certified Casino website by iTech Labs
you: and alderney? you’re not listed there.
Sean: Excuse me are you registered at
you: I want to register, but I want to make sure you are running a legit operation.
Sean: The reason I am asking is that I am a new personnel here and I wanted to give you full info via e-mail
Sean: I apologize for this inconvenience
Sean: But I assure this is a legitimate website and if you want to check the fairness of the casino you can play in
the practice play section to make sure it is loaded with $500 there for you
you: but where are the gaming servers? Are they in alderney, or are they located elsewhere?
Sean: This company is certified by iTech Labs and all the systems have been certified by that Company
you: But if you are not licensed, what good is the certification?
Sean: Dear Sir/Madam, I believe this Casino is certified but if you could give me some time and leave me your e-mail
address I would be pleased to provide all necessary information later
Sean: But if you would like to make sure and contact the Management I may give you his Toll Free number so you could
get answers to your questions
you: I’m a guy. Thanks. Yes. what is his number?
Sean: +1 877 406 8579 (ext: 0)
you: Thanks. That’s a toll free number? Where is that?
Sean: Yes it is a Toll Free Number and it is in the US
you: How can the manager be inthe US if the casino is in Alderney?
Sean: Sir this is an online casino and the Manager will be available for you via the phone number I have just given thanks
you: Okay – thanks! Bye.
Sean: Thank you for visiting. Please, contact us anytime.

At least he was polite and was trying to help.

But this is extremely dodgy. The IP points to Canada – and it’s not Kahnawake.

Avoid this casino at all costs.

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