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"Not so high - in the rogue pit"

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This week marked a sad week in i-gaming history. An award winning casino group – the Club World Group – has fallen into the infamous rogue pit. And when I mean fall – I mean in the most glorious sense of falling. I do not believe that they will ever claw their way back out. This is bad – I mean really bad.
Club World casinos have had a turbulent last few months. Their operator/owner was pushed out of the business by his so called partners – and his business, the business that he had built up for over a decade just went to hell in a hand basket. Why you may ask? Well it had a lot to do with that the current business owners didn’t have a clue on how to run the casino group nor its affiliate program, Affiliate edge.
Affiliate edge was an award winning affiliate program that was staffed by the best affiliate managers in the business.
So anyway, imagine that you are a business owner – you have just been placed in charge of a multi million dollar business, and you don’t have a clue on how to run it. What are you going to do? Well you’re going to bring in some trustworthy advisors to help you out. That would be a smart move. Did the owners of this casino group do this?
Actually, they did the polar opposite. They brought in a couple of the most scam laden persons imaginable. People who are directly connected with Affpower – a casino group that was caught red handed using fake games this last year. And everybody knows about this. This has been common public knowledge for nearly a year now. Affpower – an Israeli run company that is really the crap hole of this industry. I have no idea why the operators of Club World decided to bring these guys in – but they did.
And these affpower guys – I could name names – but I won’t for now, but many of you in the industry know who I am talking about, they decided to pull a scam over on Affiliate edge’s affiliate partners – the webmasters who had been promoting the club world casinos for years. These guys began to remove the revenue earned from these webmasters. This is fraud – and there are scores of webmasters at this very moment who are comparing stats with one another and I can pretty much promise you, they will be taking action on this. Fraud is fraud.
As soon as the key employees found out about this fraud – they gave notice. They gave notice without a backup – or any jobs lined up – putting their family lives and livelihoods in jeopardy. This is what I mean as being a really bad situation. The worst event that has hit the online gambling industry for years.
And you the players will be affected. If you are a member of this casino group, there is no guarantee that you will be treated fairly. This casino group is being accused of blatant fraud, and those managers that were taking care of your account are no longer there. There are other casinos to choose from. Play smart and not with Club World. You have no idea how long this casino group will remain as a viable company.

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It’s a sad day when I have to inform our members and visitors that one of the best casino operations, Club World Casinos (aka Affiliate edge) – which includes High Noon Casino, has turned to the dark side.

An outstanding group of casinos that included Aladdin’s Gold, All Star Slots, Club World Casino, Lucky Red, Manhattan Slots – and of course High Noon Casino – these all imploded when there was a hostile takeover of these brands. The new operators had not a clue on how to run the company, so they took on some folks from Affpower to help out. Bad move.

These ethically challenged Affpower guys began to shave Affiliate Edge partners’ revenue share. Which is cheating (read commercial fraud). They were caught out and most of senior staff quit. What a sad day in the online casino industry.

The question is: if they are willing to cheat their marketing partners – many of whom have been loyal for over a decade – how are they going to treat their players.

Only time will tell.

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