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Arcada Casino Review

"Unethical Business Practice"

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Rogue Casino
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Arcada Casino Review

"Unethical Business Practice"


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Arcada Casino has a problem

Arcadacasino is one to avoid. In July 2001, a player hit the $100,000 jackpot, but curiously enough the casino never contacted him. As each day went by, the player and numerous others (including myself) began emailing the casino, asking them for an explanation. Arcadacasino remained silent until the second week of August with this response:

This is a statement from the Management at regarding the player’s claim for $100,000.00 and the hundreds of harassing and threatening emails received from the player. His claim is Fraudulently Criminal as is his attempt at extortion. This is also addressed to Brian Cullingworth, Steve Adkins from Online Players Association, Bryan Bailey of casinomeister, and other organizations trying to resolve this matter for him, and we question their motives and bad faith.

Before paying out a jackpot “claim” of $100,000.00 which does wonders for our casino in terms of publicity, it is in the best interest of ArcadaCasino and the entire Got2bet Industry to perform some verification and research before paying it out, in order to make sure that the claim is authentic and warranted.

Our findings are as follows:
The player and a group of associates have fraudulently de-compiled the Client Side of the JAVA applet and attempted to manipulate the results to falsely portray a winning hand. Fortunately, we have a security feature that allows us to recognize the authenticity, from the server, of the result for any given hand. This fraud control system unnoticeably detects whether or not the hand has been successfully and randomly generated without manipulation. In The Player’s case, the result was absolutely tampered with and not generated randomly by our random number generator. Therefore, due to the fraudulent and criminal nature of the Player’s wagering, we are not in a position to honor his fraudulent claim.

Blah blah blah. I won’t bore you with the rest, but they go on claiming that the player was gambling illegally from a banned country (he was not), and went on complaining that the player was emailing them and posting his complaints in several forums. Boo hoo.

My response:

Dear Arcada Casino,

Thank you for your response, but it’s a day late and a dollar short. For one thing, I initially emailed you over three weeks ago to inform your casino of a posting made in our forum. And when a casino fails to respond after several emails have been sent, and an appropriate amount of time has elapsed, I consider this a VERY serious issue. I have been running Casinomeister for over three years now and I have always gone out of my way to assist players when they have problems with casinos like yours (non-responsive), and I’ve always assisted casino operators when they’ve had problems with players.

Your treatment of my involvement is both unprofessional and insulting with your comment “and we question their motives (mine) and bad faith.” Please do yourself a favor and learn to write good business English. I understand that English is probably not your primary language, and I can tell that you have difficulty making your point coherent. Your “response” drips with overreactive emotional subjectivity, and this is not appropriate if you want to convince people of your arguments or influence people to take your position. Please hire someone who is able to effectively communicate. Thank you.


Bryan Bailey

So far, their claims that the player manipulated the software have gone unproven. If you visit their website, there is virtually no information about the mechanics behind the scene, what software they use, contact information, etc. They stand as a prime example of a rogue, a business without principles, an undesirable deviation from a standard. Avoid this casino at all costs.

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