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Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is a ‘hot topic’ in 2023, as always – and over the past year, we’ve seen, once again, an increased push from online gambling regulators worldwide to force online casinos to adopt harsher responsible gambling policies. While there are some pretty big responsible gambling bodies in the land-based casino world – the Responsible Gambling Council – and plenty of problem gambling community services, for example – the online gambling world managed to sneak through the cracks for many years.

Thankfully, this is now changing, and the regulations and restrictions put on an online gambling operator are now harsher than ever. Regulations can cover everything from responsible marketing to helping players enjoy safer gambling, Today, we will examine how responsible gambling works in the online world and what tools you can use to help control your gambling.

In this post, we will examine how problem gambling prevention tools can help you to make informed choices, stay in control, and prevent yourself from experiencing harm while playing at online casinos (as well as showing you which problem gambling prevention tools are available), and we will also discuss responsible gambling software, which can be installed on your computer or mobile devices to block access to online gambling websites.

How To Manage Your Online Gambling Budget: An Introduction

Basically, the key is to ensure that you don’t overspend but manage to get a fair level of entertainment and find a good balance between winning and losing.  Since online casinos and online Poker rooms are extremely accessible, it is way trickier to walk away than at a land-based casino. 

It’s especially difficult if you work from home or have long periods with little to do and you have access to a computer or mobile device. In that case, setting up some controls that help you limit your spending can be very useful.

The first thing that you should do is set up a free eWallet account. The next thing, and probably the most important, is to set up a second checking (current) account, WITHOUT Internet banking facilities and a Debit Card. Let’s call this your “secure account.” You should use this account for everyday life, and it should have all your direct debits and bills paid from it. 

When you receive your salary paycheck, you should put it into your original bank account and then transfer everything except what you can afford to play with to your secure account. This leaves you with an “entertainment allowance” in your main bank account, which you can access online or with your Debit Card. Once it’s finished, that’s how it stays until the next month.

In addition, you can decide to implement a maximum daily deposit limit on the online casino accounts you use most regularly. You can contact their Support teams so that they can implement a daily deposit limit for you on your Debit Card. The only way you can gamble more than this on a given day is when you win or have funds available in your eWallet account. 

Limits, Withdrawal Reversals, and Rolling Cashouts: An Introduction

Some online casinos will also allow you to set your limits, and once you have done so, you will be unable to increase them again for seven days, which gives you an extra layer of protection. We will talk more about these limits later on in this blog.

Another thing that is important to mention is that many online casinos have a reverse withdrawal period, which means that you can still access your money for a certain number of hours after you cash out. This is sneaky and there to entice you to lose your winnings once you run out of money. 

So you might want to consider only playing at online casinos that either do not have this implemented or those prepared to remove the reverse withdrawal function altogether or, for example, to reduce it to one hour max. Any casino that will not do this for you shouldn’t get your custom, it’s as simple as that.

You could think about implementing a rolling cashout policy to ensure that you get a good ongoing level of entertainment from the online casinos and don’t waste your entire gambling budget in one day on a bad streak. Basically, you can set targets as you play and cash out as soon as you hit that target. 

For example, you might want to start with €100 and set a target of €200. If / when you hit that, you can cash out €50 plus anything extra above the €200, leaving €150 to continue playing and the rest to come back for on another day.

If you are playing online slot machines, it’s important to understand the concept of variance. The lower the variance, the lower the risk, but additionally, you will hit less of the “big” wins and more of the smaller ones. You’ll need to lower your cashout sights, perhaps at 50%. 

The more you increase the variance, the faster your money goes, but obviously, you could hit bigger wins if you are lucky because you are increasing the risk. Stick low if you want entertainment and are happy to aim at smaller profits. If you have more money to play with, aim higher! But you should stick with the other strategies explained earlier so you don’t get enticed to burn it up too quickly.

Essentially, that’s it. Sometimes, when you get a really good-sized win, you could also consider setting a time limit on your session and try to ensure you don’t increase your bets too much. Sticking to the rolling cashout method mentioned above prevents the need for this, so you should follow this method when you can. You’ll get far more enjoyment out of your online gambling, and you avoid having those nights where you regret ever playing an online casino!

A Detailed Look At Different Responsible Gambling Tools

When diving into the exciting world of online gambling, playing responsibly is crucial. To help you stay in control, many online casinos offer a variety of responsible gambling tools. These tools are designed to maintain your gambling activities as a source of entertainment, not a problem. 

Think of them as a personal assistant, keeping your gambling habits in check and ensuring you’re always playing within your comfort zone. From setting limits on how much you deposit to controlling the amount you bet, these tools help you to enjoy online gambling safely and responsibly.

Below, we will talk about some of the most common – and useful – responsible gambling tools online casinos offer today.

Deposit Limits

Deposit limits are a proactive way to manage your gambling budget. They let you set a cap on how much money you can deposit into your casino account over a specific period – daily, weekly, or monthly. This tool helps you stick to a budget and prevents you from depositing more than you can afford to lose. It’s like having a safety net that protects you from the temptation of overspending. 

The beauty of deposit limits is their flexibility. You can adjust them according to your financial situation. You can lower your limit if you feel like you’re spending too much. Conversely, if you’re more comfortable financially and want to spend more, you can increase it, subject to the casino’s policies. 

One key thing to note is that increasing your deposit limit isn’t instant. Most casinos have a cooling-off period before a new limit occurs, so you will typically need to wait 24 hours before any increase comes into play. However, if you want to decrease your limit, this change will usually come into effect instantly.

Wager Limits

Wager limits are another vital tool in your responsible gambling toolkit. These limits control the amount of money you can bet within a certain timeframe. You can set limits per bet, day, week, or month. This helps you keep your betting habits in check, ensuring you don’t wager more than you’re comfortable with. For example, if you set up a $5 wager limit, you won’t be able to stake more than $5 per spin on a slot machine or place more than $5 worth of chips on a Roulette table.

Wager limits are particularly useful for keeping the excitement of gambling alive without the risk of big losses. They help you to gamble within your means and avoid the pitfalls of chasing losses or betting more than you can afford. By setting these limits, you’re taking a proactive step to ensure your gambling stays fun and doesn’t become problematic.

It’s also worth noting that these limits can be adjusted, but changes usually have a delay similar to deposit limits. Naturally, any decreases will occur immediately, but you must wait 24 hours before increases.

Loss Limits

Lastly, let’s talk about loss limits. This tool allows you to set the maximum amount you’re willing to lose over a specific period. By setting a loss limit, you’re deciding in advance how much you’re okay with losing, ensuring that you don’t exceed this amount and end up losing more than you planned or can afford.

So, how does a loss limit work? Well, this depends on the casino. Some casinos operate using a fixed loss limit. For example, if you set a loss limit of $100, once you deposit and lose $100, you can wager no more until the time period passes. However, some casinos will offset any wins against your loss limit. 

So, if your loss limit was $100, but you deposited $10 and won $200 – you could still make deposits and bet. Like deposit and wager limits, loss limits are also adjustable, but changes usually take 24 hours to become effective. 


Time-outs, also known as “take a break” periods, are an essential tool in responsible gambling. This feature allows you to take a short-term break from gambling activities. It’s particularly useful if you feel like you’re getting too absorbed in gambling or need to take a short break. Time-out periods range from 24 hours to several weeks. 

During this period, you won’t be able to deposit funds, place bets, or receive marketing materials. Many online casinos won’t let you log in to your account during this period.

Unlike self-exclusion, when you take a time-out, you will usually find your online gambling account is automatically reopened once the time frame passes. However, an online gambling operator is within their rights to keep an account closed if they notice a player is taking a lot of time outs, so keep this in mind.


Self-exclusion is a more permanent step for those who need a longer break from gambling. The self-exclusion process is voluntary, allowing you to exclude yourself completely from an online casino for a set period. During this time, you won’t be able to access your account, place bets, or make withdrawals – and your accounts at any other online casinos owned by the same operator will usually be shut, too.

Once you enter into a self-exclusion agreement, it’s binding, and you cannot reverse it until the time period expires. Most online gambling regulators now require operators to offer self-exclusion, and the penalties for sites that are found to accept players who are already self-excluded are high, so casinos take it very seriously.

GAMSTOP: The UK’s Responsible Gambling Program Explained

GAMSTOP, a UK-based self-exclusion service, allows users to restrict their online gambling activities across websites operated by companies licensed in Great Britain. It’s a free service that provides a single platform for individuals to control their online gambling by registering with GAMSTOP. Once registered, users cannot access gambling sites and apps licensed in the UK for their chosen exclusion period. 

GAMSTOP was an absolute game-changer in the world of responsible gambling. Before its launch, players had to enter into a self-exclusion agreement at each online casino manually they wanted to stop playing at. However, This changed with its launch, and finally, UK-based players were able to self-exclude from all online casinos with a license from the UGC.

Since GAMSTOP’s launch, we have seen other online gambling regulators express interest in a similar system, and it’s highly likely we’ll see similar systems in different jurisdictions soon.

Time Management Strategies

Do you spend too much time playing online casino games? Or perhaps you do, but you haven’t realized it yet. In that case, some (warning) signs to look out for are, for example, mood swings when you’re not playing online or when you have a hard time concentrating on your work. Or maybe you notice that you are making up excuses not to hang out with your friends because you prefer to hang out with your computer instead.

You will most likely lie about how you spend your time when friends and family ask you about it. These might all sound like obvious red flags, but it can take quite a while for someone to realize and admit to having a problem.

A first step to managing your time better could be to download some time management tools that will enable you to limit the duration of your online casino gameplay with a timer and alert once the limit has been reached. Because besides losing money, the loss of time can also highly affect your life.

This part of the addiction sometimes gets underestimated. Even if you only gamble what you can afford, unconsciously, the time spent gambling online can affect your job, personal relationships, and health, often due to sleep deprivation.

After a while, time and money have disappeared, and you won’t even remember how it happened. Having your time properly managed could mean a good start to enhance the quality of your life, and by that, you could use only the spare time you have to visit an online casino.

The Responsible Gambling Council: Who Are They?

The Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) is an important organization in the realm of safer gambling, dedicated to addressing problem gambling and gambling addiction. As an independent non-profit, the RGC is committed to influencing positive change and advancing responsible gambling standards globally.

They play a critical role in the problem gambling community by developing and implementing responsible gambling programs. For example, they have a number of problem gambling community services, designed to help those who are finally struggling due to gambling problems, while promoting safer gambling all the time.

These programs are designed to educate and inform about the risks associated with gambling, emphasizing the importance of maintaining control and recognizing the signs of problem gambling. They raise awarness about mental health, help users to make informed choices about gambling, and, of course, promote responsible gambling.

One of the key areas of focus for the RGC is the collaboration with gambling operators to promote responsible gambling practices. This includes working with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission to ensure that online gambling platforms adhere to stringent safety protocols. The Council works hard to reduce the chances of players developing addictions, but it also helps those who are already displaying signs of problem gambling.

Gambling Blocking Software

In the world of online gambling, staying in control is key. However, for those who’ve been through a responsible gambling program and need more help, or for those keen to put gambling prevention blocks in place early on, blocking software can help hugely. Blocking software is designed to create a barrier between players and online gambling sites and apps.

They vary in features and capabilities, but all aim to provide a safer gambling environment. Most of the time, they focus on blocking any and all access to online gambling. The software is installed on a user’s phone or computer, and the software will then block any (with a few exceptions) websites that allow gambling. This can be a life-saver for those struggling with problem gambling. Below, we will look at several of the most popular programs.


Gamban is one of the newer problem gambling tools, and it was initially launched as a free product designed to help those struggling with problem gambling addiction. It became very popular, and the company even undertook responsible marketing by teaming up with online gambling streamers and giving out their product to viewers for free.

It blocks access to gambling sites and apps across all major platforms like Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. The software continuously updates its blocklist to include new gambling sites and platforms. Users can monitor their progress with features like the Money Saved Tracker and Time Saved Tracker, which calculate the money and time saved since using Gamban.

For those looking for a problem gambling program but who don’t want to access problem gambling community services, or for those who simply want to enjoy safer gambling, Gamban is a great option, especially thanks to its cross-platform compatibility.


Gamblock is a comprehensive gambling-blocking software known for its robustness and difficulty uninstalling. Probably the most well-known responsible gambling program, Gamblock, requires users to purchase a license, and until the license expires, it’s incredibly difficult to remove the software from a user’s computer. In fact, the responsible gambling software is so effective charities and regulatory bodies, including the Alcohol and Gaming Commission and the Responsible Gambling Council, even recommend it.

One of the ways Gamblock has managed to be so successful is the methods it uses to block online gambling sites. It employs advanced heuristics to identify and block new gambling sites and apps, making it highly effective in preventing problem gambling from occurring while it’s installed.

Gamblock is also very effective against VPN and DNS changes – both methods of circumventing other problem gambling prevention software. Its uninstall-proof nature adds an extra layer of protection, as it can’t be removed through conventional means like Control Panel or Task Manager, nor can it be bypassed by resetting the PC or entering Safe Mode.

It is also designed to work on various devices and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. However, it’s pricier, with the least expensive personal use option costing $101.95 annually. Still, for players concerned about their mental health or for those with current gambling problems, it’s a great tool that could be well worth the initial investment.


BetFilter is another great responsible gambling tool that is particularly well-known to Windows PC users. It’s endorsed by major industry players like the Kindred Group, and you’ll find mentions of it on many responsible gambling pages on casino websites. Some GPs have even recommended Betfilter (and other blockers we’ve covered)to those struggling with gambling problems and mental health issues from gambling issues.

BetFilter is slightly more affordable than Gamblock, with a pricing model of $5.83/month for a 1-year license and $4.95/month for a 2-year license. Today, the responsible gambling software is available on multiple platforms. Hence, it’s not just PC users who can enjoy it – and it’s great for both problem gambling prevention and for protecting those who are already looking for responsible gambling tools to help them.


Gamban is a widely used anti-gambling software that blocks access to gambling websites and apps across various operating systems, including Android, iOS, iPadOS, Windows, and MacOS. 

The software takes just two minutes to set up and is free for everyone, any time, anywhere. The site proudly displays: “ BetBlocker is a charity registered in Scotland. It is entirely funded via charitable donations, and we would like to offer special thanks to those parties who help fund this service.”

It’s great for us here at Casinomeister to see a free piece of software like this offered to those struggling with problem gambling – and BetBlocker’s effectiveness in preventing online gambling makes it a popular choice among those seeking to reduce their exposure to gambling platforms​​.

But just how effective is BetBlocker?

Well, Casinomeister decided to put it to the test – and you can see the results of our investigation here in this fascinating video.

Spoiler Alert: BetBlocker is VERY good at what it does, so be aware of this before installing it on your computer or mobile device!

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