Venice Nights Casino Review

"Closed Casino: Winnings confiscated"


First Impression

Software provider: AT Gaming
Licensing Jurisdiction: Costa Rica
Added 10 July 2007

Player’s complaint:
The manager of venicenights closed my account and is going to send me my original deposit back after i made a win of around 8000$. He has no arguments and i didnt broked any rules, he only stated that while i played blackjack my betsize went between 500$ and 50$ and this would be bonusabusing. here his quote from his email:

You have been labeled as a bonus abuser.
> > > You have been labeled as a bonus abuser.
> > > When you too the bonus you played large hands of over 500.00
> > > then when you got an edge on the house your per hand avg.
> > > dropped to 50.00. The reason for you hand decrease is to just
> > > play out the wagering requirements and cash out the bonus money.
> > > So there for we will send you back your deposit and ask you not
> > > to play with us again.

Before this he hassled me in other ways like changing my table limtis to a max. bet of 10$, logging me out of my account and suddenly changing some rules for my bonus.

Here is the casino’s response:

I’m sorry but this person is a bonus abuser. He played big hands to get his balance up, then went to lower hands just to meet the play through. It is clearly stated on the website we have the right to close any accounts we deem to bonus abusers.

Again, we have a casino that confiscate players’ winnings after they decide they don’t like how the player plays. Simple fact: if a player meets that wagering requirements and there is no fraud involved, pay ’em THEN lock them out. I know many operators don’t like to hear this, but it’s something casino operators need to come to terms with. You make the offer, the player accepts and plays out the offer, you pay the player. To deviate from this casinos venture into the dark side of online casino management.

Avoid this casino at all costs.

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Jul 10, 2007
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