How to play online Baccarat

online baccarat screenshotBaccarat was invented during the Middle Ages and is named after its worst hand, which is a zero. Baccarat is played with six decks of cards (reshuffled after each hand) and with two players, you and the Banker. One hand  is dealt to each of you. To win, you must pick the hand with the highest total, the highest score being 9, and the lowest a zero. If you bet on a tie and win, you get paid 9 to 1 for bigger wins.

Ok, so you can bet  on the Player, the Banker, a Tie or a combination of all three. The Player plays first. If the total of the Player’s hand is between zero and 5, draw another card. If the total of the Banker’s hand is 7, 8 or 9, a new card is not drawn. If the total is zero, 1 or 2, the Banker draws another card. There’s two buttons involved: with the Bet button you can pick Player, Banker or Tie. Click on the chips at the bottom right to wager them. To deselect chips, click on them in the betting area and with the Deal button you start the game after you have placed your bet.

You will win:

  • If you picked a Tie to win and there is a tie;
  • If you bet on the Player and the hand wins, you win what you bet. A €5 bet pays back your €5, plus an additional €5;
  • If you bet on the Banker and the hand wins, you win your bet minus a 5% commission*. For example, a €5 bet pays back €5, plus an additional €4.75;
  • You bet on a Tie and if the Tie wins, you get nine times your bet. A €5 bet pays back €5, plus an additional €45.


*Note: The commission is 5% of the bet and is rounded up to the next quarter. For example, a minimum bet of €6 would deduct a 50 cents commission. 5% of €6 = 30 cents, but since the commission is rounded up to the next 25 cents; the commission is actually 50 cents.

5% Of €11 = 55 cents makes the actual commission 75 cents.


  • The suit of a card has no value;
  • Cards numbered from 2 to 9 have face value;
  • 10’s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth zero;
  • Aces have a value of 1;
  • Add the values of each card in the hand, dropping the tens place value to find the score. For example, 7 + 7 = 14 results in a value of 4 when you drop the tens place value (the number 1 in 14).

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