Casinomeister Forum FAQ

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At Casinomeister, freedom of expression is encouraged – we should be able to express our thoughts and experiences freely, period. But in doing so, we need to maintain civility and consideration toward others. Yeah sure, sometimes we get emotional about things, but we cannot let our emotions get the best of us.

Casinomeister’s forum has some of the most prolific and street smart online gamblers in cyberspace. And this forum is truly a home away from home. Why? Because most members abide by the rules and respect one another. Be cool.

Casinomeister History and Backstory

If you want to know how came to be, it’s here!

Player ArBitration (PAB) opened July 2001 and has been helping players get their issues with online casinos resolved ever since. The mission is to provide information and complaint histories so that the free flow of information about online casinos, both good and bad, would protect the consumer. Prior to 2016, it was known as Pitch-a-Bitch. 🙂