Casinomeister’s Player Arbitration Service FAQ

1. Introduction to the Player ArBitration (PAB) Process

All current and active members of Casinomeister may submit a PAB per the guidelines on our main PAB page.

Assuming you follow those guidelines and abide by the advice given here in the FAQ, you should expect that your PAB will be received and processed within 10 business days, usually within a day or so if you submit it during the regular work week (EU timezones applicable).

Our Process:

  • The Player Arbitration process is a private exchange between the complainant, our staff and the casino representatives, staff and management.
  • Case information is typically entrusted to us by casino staff with the understanding that it remains private and confidential, we are committed to seeing that it remain so. Our standard operating procedure is that case details are not published, distributed, shared or divulged to anyone at any time. In rare cases where such actions would be appropriate, we do so only with prior written permission to proceed.
  • Our records regarding PABs, past or present, are ONLY available to authorized Casinomeister staff.
  • Complainants cannot expect that information gathered regarding their casino activities or their PAB case will made available to them. As mentioned above that information is private and confidential: complainants have no right to ask for and will not receive case information that we deem confidential.
  • It is the PAB user’s responsibility to read, understand and comply with our procedures as described herein. Complainants who fail to comply with these PAB guidelines can expect their PAB to be delayed and/or fail.

The PAB service is offered and operates throughout in English. It is the PAB user’s responsibility to read and understand this FAQ. If you are not proficient in English please get someone who is to help you. If you need assistance finding someone to help you please ask us on the forums or via Private Message and we can usually get you the assistance you need.