Casinomeister’s Online Casino Reviews and Ratings

Casinomeister’s Accredited Casinos are truly that: They abide by the standards that are required to be listed at Casinomeister. This assures that the casinos listed on Casinomeister are committed to fair play and excellent service and are among the best in existence.

Besides the standards, each casino is tested by Casinomeister members for at least two months during the infamous Baptism By Fire phase (BBF). Once this has been satisfactorily accomplished, they are reviewed and scored by Casinomeister and by the Meister Minions, which is a group of 100+ players who collect pertinent data.

Casinomeister reviews will therefore always include their comments as well as webmaster affiliates’ comments. The online casino reviews include player focused data such as payout times and withdrawal limits. This makes Casinomeister reviews truly the most balanced and informative reviews that you will find on the Internet pertaining to online gambling. The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

You might wonder about the standards that the accredited casinos have to meet. Well here they are!


  1. Casinomeister’s accredited online casinos’ ‘Musts and Will-nots’
  2. How to read online casino reviews
  3. Casinomeister ratings


Casinomeister’s accredited online casinos’ ‘Musts and Will-nots’

  • Player and Responsible Gaming Focused;
  • Must forbid underage play;
  • Must have a clean history of fairness towards their customers;
  • Must be able to take care of any player issue swiftly and professionally;
  • Must display information about responsible gambling, with links to relevant organizations;
  • Must offer and enforce spending limits in addition to both temporary and permanent self exclusion options;
  • Must process KYC (Know Your Customer) documents: confirm validity while ensuring personal privacy is upheld;
  • Marketing Standards;
  • Must not use false, misleading or deceptive advertising;
  • Must not spam, and must take appropriate actions against any affiliates or any third parties who do spam;
  • Must not cross promote to other properties without giving proper credit to affiliates and/or their advertisers;
  • Must not implement retroactive T&C’s to their affiliate programs without explicit permission and agreement from the affiliate;
  • Operational Standards;
  • Must pay winnings in a timely manner;
  • Must not disqualify any player from a payout if T&C’s are met, except for situations of fraud (multiple-accounts, bogus ID documents, chargebacks, etc.,);
  • Must not confiscate winnings for vague and unclear reasons, such as “irregular playing patterns” or “Bonus abuse”, without specific T&C violations;
  • Must not implement terms that can be construed as “unfair” towards the player;
  • No player shall be involuntarily placed into a situation which breaches the T&C’s during the course of play;
  • Must payout progressive Jackpot wins in full or in reasonable chunks, regardless of any T&C’s limiting payouts*;
  • Must remove any Bonus and associated play-through requirements at the request of the player if play has not commenced;
  • Will not aggressively entice players to reverse cash withdrawals with Bonuses or other incentives;
  • Will not use outsourced support. Player support must be in-house;
  • Must disclose all “sister” or related properties when applicable. If players are bound by terms that are enforced across a group of casinos, these casinos must be identified in an obvious place on the casino’s website. For example: if a player is allowed only one sign up Bonus for a group of casinos, these casinos need to be listed in the Bonus terms and conditions (or an equally noticeable spot). If a player self-excludes from one property, the casino needs to identify all related properties that are affected by the exclusion as well;
  • Industry and Player Assurances;
  • RNG and/or software must be audited by a third party;
  • Must have a representative listed in the Casinomeister forum. This representative must be directly involved with customer/player service, or who can make decisions involving player issues;
  • Must be licensed in a jurisdiction that offers gambling licenses for online casinos.

* Excluding IGT progressive Jackpots – this is noted within their listings.


How to read online casino reviews

There’s something very important that you should know about online casino reviews: Most of them are false, fictitious and phony. It’s sad but true. And that’s because almost everyone who runs an affiliate website with online casino reviews, writes a lot of untrustworthy reviews and shares a lot of false information. Almost everyone, because Casinomeister proves to be an exception to this rule.

Proper, legitimate online casino reviews should also include the negatives and possible loopholes of the online casino, because the perfect online casino has yet to be launched. A review that doesn’t include any negative pointers could be considered “incomplete” at best and rogue at worst. Even though finding a blacklist (or rogue pit in Casinomeister’s case) on a website doesn’t automatically guarantee trustworthy, quality reviews, it is in fact a first sign in the right direction. If you stumble upon a website that contains nothing but raving online casino reviews, you should ignore most of the information there, because that’s extremely likely to be complete and utter advertising. Advertising is totally legit, that’s what an affiliate does, however false advertisements, disguised as online casino reviews, that’s something entirely different and something Casinomeister is very much against. That’s also why websites with online casino reviews that consist of nothing but advertising material rarely include any kind of information about the authors. If a website doesn’t include the name of the author, how can you trust for the content to be truthful? And what kind of website doesn’t include contact information and an ‘About Us’ page or paragraph? Exactly, the kind that doesn’t want to be traceable.

There’s definitely a certain skill required to read online casino reviews. A skill that you will develop along the way. The more reviews you’ll read and compare, the easier you will find it to spot the phonies. Sad, but true, most of the so-called online casino reviews you’ll find online are nothing more than (badly written) advertorials and tricks to make you believe that you should go ahead and give that  casino a go.

Some of the red flags for you to look out for include:

  • No negatives, only positives;
  • No ‘About Us’ page or ways to contact the author;
  • Excessive flashy advertisement and Bonus banners;
  • Excessive use of exclamation points and superlatives;
  • A high rating without the actual breakdown of the number;
  • Emphasizing on “payback percentages”;
  • No feedback from actual players.

Trustworthy online casino reviews should be authentic and include opinions and feedback from people from the industry and real players. Guaranteed that you will recognize one when you see one. It’s really easy to spot fake reviews if you just pay a little bit of attention to those red flags mentioned above.

Our advice? Just stick to the Casinomeister reviews and become a member of the Casinomeister forum. You won’t find anything false, phoney or sugarcoated in there! All dirty laundry is out in the open and phonies will be exposed and keelhauled either by the Meister himself, by dedicated forum members or the special force of Meister Minions. Here you will also be able to contact all the accredited casino forum representatives directly.


Casinomeister ratings

This is the breakdown of the Casinomeister rating system.

Points System:

Each casino starts with ten points, and for each category points are removed or added determined by hierarchies in that category.


What is taken into account is the software’s selection of games (quantity), types of games (inventory), and the quality of its games. Also taken into consideration is how responsive the software provider is to player issues, concerns and feedback.

Problem solving:

Occasionally, casinos that have only one software provider are able to answer to the provider if and when problems arise. If a casino uses several platforms, then problems are usually solved by the licensing jurisdiction. Over the past several years, software providers have been less active in the player problem equation.

  • Microgaming – highest;
  • Cryptologic – high;
  • IGT – high;
  • Playtech – high;
  • betwin/party – high;
  • NetEnt – high;
  • Novomatic – high;
  • WMS – high;
  • RTG – medium;
  • Pariplay – medium;
  • Gigamedia – medium;
  • Rival – medium;
  • Proprietary – medium;
  • Nuworks – low;
  • Vegas Tech – low;
  • Chartwell – low;
  • Random Logic – low.


Each jurisdiction is responsible for its licensees, and those jurisdictions that have benchmark standards are rated highest. Those that have a slacking attitude or little to no infrastructure to properly handle player issues are rated lowest.

  • Alderney – highest;
  • Isle of Man – highest;
  • Kahnawake – highest;
  • Malta – high;
  • New Jersey – high;
  • UK – high;
  • Gibraltar – medium;
  • Antigua – low;
  • Costa Rica – low;
  • Curacao – low;
  • Cyprus – low;
  • Panama – low.

Reverse time:

The reverse time is the amount of time that your funds are available to be reversed from pending withdrawal to playable. In other words it’s how long you have until you cannot play your winnings back. The shorter time the better. This is how it works:

  • 0 hrs – highest;
  • 1 – 12 hours – high;
  • 13 – 24 hours – medium;
  • 25 – 48 hours – low;
  • +48 hours – lowest.

Cashout time:

This is the time it takes to process your funds to the payment processor.

  • 0 – 11 hours – highest;
  • 12 – 23 hours – high;
  • 24 – 47 hours – medium;
  • 48 – 71 hours – low;
  • 72 hours and higher – lowest.

Weekly withdrawal limits:

Quite a number of casinos have weekly cashout limits to control their cash flow . Those that do not have limits are rated highest:

  • No limit – highest;
  • 10,000 or higher – high;
  • 5001 – 9999 – medium;
  • 3001 – 5000 – low;
  • 2000 – 3000 – lowest.

Other areas of scoring:

Casinos receive points for a “yes” answer in the following areas:

  • Casinomeister Seal Holder – y/n;
  • Publicly traded – y/n;
  • Manual Flushing – y/n;
  • Weekend Cashouts – y/n;
  • Date established – the longer a casino has been operating under the same ownership and/or management the more points it gets (longevity);
  • Date Accredited – the longer a casino has been listed in the Accredited Section at Casinomeister, the more points it receives (dependability).

Meister points:

These are points given to a casino whose representatives are responsive and efficacious to its players and affiliates. i-Gaming reps can affect their score by their participation (or nonparticipation) in our forum.

Areas of observance:

  • Maintaining an attitude that reflects the Casinomeister Philosophy;
  • Receiving Meister Awards;
  • Posting timely and helpful replies to complaints;
  • Engaging the membership with interesting and insightful discourse;
  • Posting creative promos;
  • Making themselves available to meet up at conferences and other non cyber events.

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