Forum Rules

Here be the General Posting Rules

Last update: 13 April 2020

1.1 - No "Flaming": Please do not post any messages that harass, insult, belittle, threaten or flame another member or guest. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated and your account may be suspended. Please refrain from potty mouth language.

1.2 - No "cross posting": In other words, do not post the same message to more than one thread or topic section. Cross postings will be deleted and posting privileges may be suspended for doing so if it continues.

1.3 - No "Spamming": Unauthorized casino ads are not permitted anywhere in our forum. You may post "want ads" or sell your domains or websites in the "Strictly Commercial" section, but promos and spam (or cloaked ads) will be removed. Also, please do not mass-PM or mass-email multiple members of this site the same message. When in doubt, ask! ATTN: Spammers will have their email addresses and IPs posted and reported to spam prevention services. This is permitted by our legitimate interest to secure our networks/systems against abuse/misuse, which also increases the safeguards for everyone else. Shills will be ridiculed and banned.

1.4 - No posting of privileged information: Please remember to respect other's privacy. In the public forum, do not post real names, email addresses, or other personal identifiers that may be considered privileged information; to include company "trade secrets", screenshots of company information, etc. If these items are already publicly available, this shouldn't be a problem. But if these are from private correspondence, or from some user database, discretion is advised.

1.5 - No "Inappropriate" Posts, Links or Images: Please do not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist, discriminatory, or otherwise violative of any local or international laws. This includes links in your signature, profile, bookmarks as well as posted images, photos and avatars. Unless you are a casino rep, please do not post domain URLs in your avatar. The moderators will ultimately decide if something is appropriate or not.

1.6 - No "Libelous" Posts: Do not make posts that could be considered libelous, defamatory, or posting merely to cause harm to another's business. Opinions are expected, but do not attack others with accusations of criminal activity unless this has been proven in a court of law.

1.7 - No posting of copyrighted material: Do not post entire articles of copyrighted material. Please provide an excerpt, synopsis, and/or a link. Postings become the property of when posted. Any copying and pasting of posts from this forum to others should be done with explicit permission or with discretion, (i.e. press releases, jokes, other information that is in the public domain are to be used freely). Also, do not post copies of postings/threads from other forums unless you have explicit permission to do so. When in doubt, ask.

1.8 - No portal or streamer wars: Do not start a bitch session between one portal and another. Portal wars will not be tolerated. Additionally, do not come here and start a streamer war as well. If you are here to complain about streamers - or about your competition - take it elsewhere. Casinomeister's forum is not the place to pillorize streamers and this mindless form of boneheaded entertainment.

1.9 - Do not register more than one forum account: If you share a computer with another household member (boyfriend, girlfriend, granny, pet goldfish...), please let us know so that we won't suspect you of anything dodgy or having a sock puppet account. Sock puppet accounts are defined as accounts created specifically to cause trollish grief to others, spamming, posting bogus complaints, chatting with your other accounts in public threads, shills and other anti-social behaviour. Do not register more than one account in the forum without contacting me or Vortran007 - our forum security chief. If you are a casino representative and want to maintain a non-work civilian account, this is fine as long as you contact us. Unauthorized additional accounts will probably be deemed as sock puppet accounts, and you may find yourself out on the sidewalk lying on your back staring at the stars.

1.10 - Members who commit player fraud: Those who participate in fraud inspired chargebacks, or create fake accounts, gnoming, multiple accounts, etc. will be banned from Casinomeister.

1.11 - Please do not exploit this board to promote your own personal agenda: If the moderators (and members) feel that you are harassing members with agenda laden posts, or consistently ragging on a casino that did you wrong, etc., you might be counseled by the admins of the site (like me) and/or your account may be suspended. If you have a crusade to lead, there are plenty of domain names out there that you can purchase and create your own personal whinge site. Casinomeister's forum is not the place to do this.

1.12 - Postings that incite fraudulent player activity: These posts are not welcome and will probably be deleted. Members who encourage fraud will probably be kicked to the curb as well.

1.13 - "Conversations are more or less Private Messages: Coversations or PMs can be personal - so please don't post these without the permission of others in your "conversation". Personal matters should be kept personal. Abuse this function and you will find it disabled.

1.14 - No Trolls: Trolls are wankers whose sole purpose in a forum is to cause mental grief to others. If you are posting caustic, passive aggressive annoying crap, or baiting others with the intention of getting an emotional response, you will be spanked or pummeled with the "ban-hammer." Be cool - don't be a troll.

1.15 - Do not hijack threads: If you have something to say - say it, but please respect the other members by keeping threads "on track". If you have an issue that needs addressing, then please start another thread. Hijacking threads for your own agenda is not only rude, it is troll-like and can lead to a suspension.

1.16 - Gambling Systems: For some reason, there are people who believe that the membership consists of morons. The members may be a lot of things, but stupid they ain't. If you attempt to sell a gambling "system", you will be publicly ridiculed and harassed until we're bored with you. You'll then be banished to Neverland where you can play with Tinker Bell and all the magic fairies. You'll be a happier person there.

1.17 - Exploiting Your Membership: Do not threaten casino operations with blackmail. Mentioning that you are a member of Casinomeister is fine, but don't try to instill fear in a casino operation by threatening to post bad reviews at Casinomeister or roguing them. Leave the roguing to us - it's tricky business and it's not for amateurs. Do not badger casino reps for bonuses or other perks. Casino reps are here to either solve problems or provide information. They are not here to be exploited.

1.18 - Don't be a PITA: Members who just don't have a clue on what is socially acceptable, or are just too annoying will have their accounts closed. The administration and moderators of Casinomeister reserve the right to close accounts at our discretion. This may be a public forum that encourages freedom of expression, but it's still our house. Abuse it and lose it.

1.19 - Posting defamatory comments or conducting malicious attacks directed at Casinomeister: Members who slander, post defamatory comments or other personal garbage directed toward the Casinomeister brand, its owner, employees, or moderators, anywhere on the Internet will be swiftly booted from the site. Spamming, DDoS attacks, or any other criminal activity will be dealt with as well.

1.20 - Threatening or abusive behavior: members who threaten or abuse casino representatives or their staff will be booted from the forum. This goes for anywhere off-site. Act like an a-hole - get treated like one.

Posting Complaints


2.1 - Complaints against casinos will only be posted in the "Online Casino and Poker Complaints" section and within the appropriate forum.

2.2 - Do not post a complaint without notifying the appropriate casino representative: They can be found here. If you cannot locate the appropriate casino rep, please inform us by stating so in your initial post. FAILURE TO NOTIFY THE CASINO REP MAY JEOPARDIZE YOUR ACCOUNT.

2.3 - Ensure your complaint is free from offensive or abusive language: We simply ask that your complaint is tactful and truthful. Making false claims are grounds for banishment or drawn and quartering.

2.4 - Casinomeister does not condone player fraud in any shape or form: If you knowingly commit fraud (creating bogus casino accounts, using fake IDs, committing Credit Card fraud, chargebacks, etc.) you will be permanently banned from Casinomeister.

We have a strict no tolerance policy: If you break any of the posting complaints rules, you may find your account closed permanently. Please respect our rules and comply as well as you can.

Signature Rules

3.1 - Size Limits: All signatures should not exceed the following size limits: Registered and Newbie members: Sorry - no sigs

Fully Registered Members: Maximum lines - 2, 100 Characters.
URLs - no

Experienced Members: Maximum lines - 3, 150 Characters.
Colors and fancy stuff - yes
URLs - no

Senior Members: Maximum lines - 4, 200 Characters.
Colors and fancy stuff - yes
URLs - no

Meister Members: Maximum lines - 5, 250 Characters.
Colors and fancy stuff - yes
URLs - no

UeberMeister Members: Maximum lines - 6, 300 Characters.
Colors and fancy stuff - yes
URLs - no

PaleoMeister Members: Maximum lines - 7, 300 Characters.
Colors and fancy stuff - yes
URLs - no

Webmeisters: Maximum lines - 1 URLs - yes

3.2 - Content Restrictions Please do not post any ad-copy or advertisial language. The text must abide by our posting content rules.

3.3 - Pseudo Signatures Members who post "pseudo" signatures (fake signatures) will have them removed. These members will be spanked. Don't do it.

3.4 - URLs for Webmeisters The linked page will be your listing entry or page in the Webmeister Listings. These links will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that these links adhere to the Webmeister Code of Conduct.