Reaction Points

Reaction Points

Depending on your user group, will be able to utilize these to express your reactions to other's posts. You also will receive points as well for receiving "thanks" and love" - more on that in a minute.

All members can see and use the standard thumbs up "like" button.
When you "like" a post, that person receives 1 "reaction" point.

Full members and above can use the smiley face "Thanks" button. Recipients of these "thanks" receive 5 reaction points.

Full members and above who are also members of the Webmeister or Meister Minions group can use the "Love" smiley face. When you "love" a post, that person receives 6 points.

In the Attic and Screenshot forums, we have the Way to Go button (WTG) back in action there. You receive 1 point for each WTG.

For Meister Members and above (Meister Members, Ueber Meister, Paleo Meister), we have the "Shield" reaction emoticon. These are reserved for these Meister members to award posts that are worthy of being extremely helpful to our community. These "shields" add 10 points to the poster's reaction score.

For thanking and loving posts, please use discretion. Thank/love posts that are truly useful and helpful. Do not use these buttons to troll or bully folks - you may find these privileges removed if you do. We had this tool in the past, but some folks were causing a few problems with it. You can read about this here: Thanking Posts

For the funny ha ha emoticon, you receive 1 point. Full members who are Webmeister or Meister Minions or those members above "full" can use these.

The same goes for the wow, sad, and mad icons - but there are no points scored for these.

The way this works is that members can help others gain promotions by those persons' content. As a reminder, the user group promotions are as follows:

Just signed up: registered.
3 or more posts: Newbie
  • 90 days, 50 posts, 50 reaction points = Full Member - as a Full member you can join the Meister Minions and/or Webmeister groups
  • 1 year, 100 posts, 200 reaction points = Experienced member
  • 2 years, 500 posts, 300 reaction points = Senior Member
  • 4 years, 1000 posts, 950 reaction points = Meister Member
  • 7 years, 1500 posts, 1500 reaction points = Ueber Meister
  • 10 years, 2500 posts, 2000 reaction points = Paleo Meister