Special Forum Groups

special forum groups

"Gabba gabba, we accept you, we accept you, one of us, one of us..."

Meister Minions

Meister Minions: These are members who have volunteered to fulfill two very important roles at Casinomeister. Meister Minions will provide intelligence on casinos which assists us in keeping our database and reviews up to date. They will also be champions of the Casinomeister brand, spreading the word via the Internet and offline of the Casinomeister community and its usefulness as a resource for players. Meister Minions will be expected to refer members, share articles and postings in social media, and basically help out by spreading the love.

This is open to Fully Registered members and above. Once you have been promoted to a Full Member, joining is a cinch. You can sign up here: Join User Groups and once you have been accepted (Full Member and above in good standing - no riff raff please), you will be given access to our Meister Minions special forum where we will collect information and give instructions. Meister Minions will be expected to contribute, so only apply if you would like to offer a bit of your time to spreading the word and feeding back in.

Why join? Here is the good part. As a Meister Minion you will become an integral part of Casinomeister, and will be rewarded with a cool little badge for your profile. Meister Minion: meister minion

Besides - If you have ambitions of becoming part of the Casinomeister Advisory Group (CAG) then you will give yourself the best chance of being invited to this exclusive group by proving yourself as a Meister Minion.

Not forgetting - we will be holding monthly draws awarding active contributors with really cool prizes. So don't be shy. For more information, please contact gourdfollower who will be managing the Meister Minion forum.

Also - one last thing: I pledge that if I ever meet you in public, I will buy you a beer. How about that?

Casinomeister Advisory Group

Casinomeister Advisory Group: The Casinomeister's Advisory Group (CAG)is a select group of approximately 30 members who have exemplified the Casinomeister philosophy via participation, dedication, their knowledge of games, gaming software, and general aspects of the gaming industry/community. These "advisors" will be called upon to test software, give quality input on casino design, reviews and critiques, and anything else "advisory" worthy.

Membership: Ueber Meister members will automatically be considered for the advisor group - these are members with 5000 reputation points or 1000 posts and have been registered for at least seven years. The remainder (30 members total) will be selected by the moderators and notified. It is not mandatory for qualifying members to participate; they can opt out and leave a slot open for another person. Those who wish to take part can contact the moderators for consideration.

What the CAG is not: It is not a private club where members rag on others in a secret clubhouse. It is strictly professional; it will not be a cliquish elitist group. CAG members will not exploit their membership to gain favor with casino reps, or use their membership in any way that discredits the Casinomeister brand. It is a privilege that should be treated as such.

Membership is indicated by the CAG icon located under a member's username:
Casinomeister Advisory Group

Webmasters and Affiliates

Webmasters need to remember that they are guests in this house; treat it well. We have a higher expectation of posting styles for webmasters than what we expect from players. If you've come here to gripe about a certain casino, that's fine, but please be mindful that a bit of tact can go a long way.

Harassing moderators, disrespecting i-Gaming representatives, beating up players, and exploiting this board is not only uncool, it will not be tolerated. Please understand that the forum is not a marketing tool, a source of traffic, or a place where one can grandstand an agenda. It is a community where we share and discuss topics that pertain to online gaming - and then some. If it appears that you are attempting to undermine or damage the Casinomeister brand via snarky remarks, flaming, or other antagonist behavior, you will be asked to leave. Just imagine me being a member of your forum and how you'd expect me to act.

Webmaster Groups: There are two levels of webmaster accounts in this forum: Webby, and Webmeister. Both of these user groups have access to the Webmeister section. The main difference between the two groups is that the "webby" group is self-appointed, you may join via your User Account settings, you'll have full access to the Webmeister section, but you can't have live URLs in your signature.

The Webmeisters user group can be joined in the same manner, but this is moderated and is for Full Members and above. In other words your account will be approved by one of the moderators and only after you have been a member for 90 days and have at least 50 reaction points or 50 posts.

Webmeisters are expected to adhere to the Webmsiter Code of Conduct - this is listed here: Webmeisters at Casinomeister. Webmeister's will be allowed to have a listing on this section describing their website to include a "followed" link. They in return will display a Casinomeister Webmeister seal which will be hyperlinked with a followed link to their corresponding page at Casinomeister. There is more infomation on the Webmeister page.

Making Recommendations: If players ask for advice on what casino to play at, please refer the player to our Casino Reviews which include both our Accredited and Grey Zone casinos.

Assisting Players: Most everyone likes to help one another, and this is one of the basic functions of this forum. If you want to assist players who are having issues with some online casino, assist them with knowledge. Refer them to our PAB service, or have them explain their problems fully in public so that they can receive advice from the membership. Do not by any means, become an ambulance chaser making deals with casinos in order to squelch players' claims. Do not misrepresent yourself or exploit this board. Violators of this policy will be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

How to join our Webby and Webmeister user groups: Check out your user profile and go to Join User Groups. There you will see a list of groups that are joinable. If you are a newbie member, you are eligible for Webby - click that. If you are a Full Member or above, click "Webmeisters". Once one of the mods has verified your account, you will be given the thumbs up - and you will have posting privileges in the Webmaster Corner.

i-Gaming Reps and Affiliate Managers

One thing that makes Casinomeister's forum unique is that there is a heavy industry presence - more so than on any other board. There are i-Gaming reps - managers, CEOs, software developers, consultants, and scores of others. We also have quite a number of affiliate managers as well. Representatives are either representing "Accredited Casinos", non-accredited casinos, rogue or not recommended casinos, or whatever else that is associated with the online gaming community. You will be listed here.

i-Gaming reps will at all times conduct themselves in a professional manner. Your presence here is to provide players and affiliates with information, and to assist our members when need be. Your account will be closed if you attack other's businesses, exploit the board for marketing purposes, poach players - or any other conduct the staff deems unbecoming of an i-Gaming representative. Do not misrepresent your business. This account is a privilege; keep it as professional as possible. Please remember that your boss (or share holders) may be reading your every word.

There are many tools here that can enhance your business presence and experience via your interaction with the gaming public. Use these tools wisely - please don't exploit them. Those reps who are most active gain the most trust with our members, well - at least most of the time. Only representatives of Accredited Casinos are allowed to post promos in our Exclusive Casinomeister Promo section, or Casinomeister Accredited Casino promos. All reps are allowed to have a link in their profile for their CM casino review. There will be no promotional material allowed for non-accredited casinos. If you are not accredited and wish to have some promo material posted in your review or bonus page, please contact Lady Larissa and she will square you away. In essence, active advertising is reserved only for those casinos that meet and maintain our accredited standards and are listed as an Accredited Casino.

IMPORTANT: Before your account is upgraded to an i-Gaming rep, you must have registered with an email address that is directly connected to your business. Unless you work for Google, do not register with a gmail account. Do not announce to our members that you are an i-Gaming rep before your account has been confirmed by our staff. This is a direct violation of our rules and a bootifiable offense.

How to join our Casino Representative user groups: Check out your user profile and go to Join User Groups. There you will see a list of groups available for you to join. If you are an Accredited rep, click that one. If you are an affiliate manager - click that. If you are a software vendor, then feel free to click i-Gaming Representative. It's pretty straightforward. Once one of the mods has verified your account, you will be given the thumbs up - and away you go - posting freely amongst your fellow members as a casino rep.

Quit Gambling User Group

Occasionally, we have members that have had enough of gambling and want to quit but don't want to quit the forum. There is a user group that allows members to participate in the non-gambling sections of the forum to include interacting in the social groups, but that's it. If you request to join this group because of a gambling related problem, or just want to take a break, we can accommodate you. Please bear in mind that we will not reinstate your account to its original state until at least one year has passed - upon your request only.

To join this user group, please check your User CP and go to Group Memberships. Select "Quit Gambling" and we'll do it.