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Affiliate webmasters of online casinos can make or break the gaming industry. I have been personally involved in the online gaming industry for over twenty years, and I have seen my share of amazingly awesome websites – some that I seriously covet – and there are loads of really good people, brilliant entrepreneurs who have bettered the player experience by their ingenuity and creativity.

On the other hand – we have witnessed the crappy bottom feeding scumbags who target problem gamblers, or who promote casinos that have nefarious backgrounds.

There are hundreds of affiliate webmasters who have been members at Casinomeister for years, and who maintain a sense of responsibility and accountability (we aren’t selling shoes, y’know) and who support and abide by a Code of Conduct. The affiliate webmasters who abide by our Webmeister Code of Conduct are deemed “Webmeisters” and will have their casino portal showcased here. For our Senior Members and above, they will have a custom page showcasing their casino portal.

Webmeisters’ Code of Conduct:

  • The webmaster will not promote casinos that habitually prey on problem gamblers.
  • The webmaster will do his or her due diligence and ensure that the casinos they promote are using properly licensed software (i.e. no pirated copies of games, etc.)
  • The webmaster will not violate or infringe on other’s copyrights, trademarks, or any intellectual property.
  • The webmaster will not cheat affiliate programs by sending bogus traffic – complaints submitted from affiliate managers will be looked into.
  • The webmaster will not promote casinos in an unethical manner (spam, scraping, unethical references i.e cure your cancer by winning big, avoid COVID-19 and play here now, etc.)

Those deemed Webmeisters, will have this seal located in the footer of their main index page and hyperlinked to their Casinomeister listing:


Interested in joining? Please join our forum and join our webmaster user groups here: Webby and Webmeisters in Casinomeister’s forum.

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