Meister Awards 2020

2020 Casinomeister Awards

Well – let’s hear it for 2020! Woo woo – an abysmal catastrophic year of crap, and more crap. The near collapse of modern society because some dude just had to have that Bat Soup. Well, I certainly hope it was a tasty bowl of finely chosen bat morsels, because that bowl of soup turned the world upside down and screwed it sideways. And then there was the online gaming industry which more or less reflected what was happening worldwide: companies that focused on iGaming events were hobbled, casino employees were stranded within their own confines, players had to deal with draconian rules and regs from jurisdictions that had nothing better to do but treat their citizens like children – and then there was yours truly who disappeared into the California desert for a bit. So basically – it was a shit year.

But I am back – here I am – dishing out the iGaming awards for The Best and Worst of the Online Gaming World. This marks the 20th anniversary of my awards – awarding those online casinos that have achieved greatness by answering the call of players’ needs and wants, and also awarding those casinos that are the worst of the worst clip-shot-joints that will do whatever it takes to screw players over. There are some minor changes this year – there is no Best New Casino 2020, since there just weren’t any. Also, no Best Casino manager since most of the people we know managing the casinos are affiliate managers who are involved in just marketing. But there are plenty of other worthy awards to read here – so here we go…don your Kelvars and flak vests, button your chin straps and jump into the trenches of the amazing world of online gaming.

And the winners are…

The Best

Best Casino of 2020
Best Casino Group of 2020
Best Customer Service Award 2020
Best Player Experience Award 2020
Best and Worst Slots

The Worst

Worst Casino of 2020
Worst Casino Group of 2020
Faceplant of the Year 2020
Head in the Sand Award 2020
Fall from Grace Award 2020
Stupidest Named Casino Award of 2020
Tangled Web Award 2020
Sitting on One’s Hands Award 2020
Fourth Point of Contact Award 2020
Biggest Disappointment Award of 2020
Bag of Dicks Award 2020
Fan Mail of 2020

Forum Awards

Forum Highlights of 2020
Casino Representative of the Year 2020
Forum Member Achievement Award of the Year 2020