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Not usually my cup of tea, and the base game looks a bit "Borenanza" to me, as I have an aversion to rolling reels- type games.

However, that bonus round looks stupendous with some amazing win potential, much like Cleopatra 2 had, where you could rack up 500x wins with ease on minimum bets.

Very interesting release for sure, and much-needed in this market overfilled with low-paying shite. :cool:
Where did you test this m8?
Was looking around but can't find it..
Or did you get an exclusive? :D

On the BTG website the game isn't even listed yet.

Shows how quick I am then....:D ;)

It'll be released shortly. It's a preview review....:thumbsup:

I hope Sky Vegas get it they have QofBitches and Dragon Torn
Shows how quick I am then....:D ;)

It'll be released shortly. It's a preview review....:thumbsup:

I hope Sky Vegas get it they have QofBitches and Dragon Torn

Ah kk thanks.. :)
Always eager to try a slot before it goes live to see how it plays and feels..
Should have done that with Cleopatra Plus, just to mention that.. :mad::mad::D

6th of December is release as far as I can see for Bonanza..

Will surely try this! :)
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The majority of our Casino partners will have BONANZA from the 7th of December 2016.

Sky Vegas, Grosvener and Ladbrokes will launch it at then end of Q1 2017.

We'll be announcing an exclusive Casinomeister "Grabs, Twitches and Tubes" comp for BONANZA on launch week. :thumbsup:


Bonanza Feature Retrigger.jpg

Bonanza Megaways BigWin.jpg

Big Time Gaming official
Before launch can you add the option if turning off the music? :)

It's all or nothing for now, as the game has now passed compliance, adjusting any code at this stage would delay the release.

Thanks for the feedback, always appreciated and we'll keep this in mind for future updates.

Big Time Gaming official
This will be a good one, something different to the MG dross and Netent rehashes.
You won't see the base game wins like in Queen Of Bitches obviously, as it's mainly about those free games. As long as the bonus doesn't promise everything and turn out vile like Cleopatra Plus's. :thumbsup:

Yes, that awful music - many developers like Yggdrasil, Netent and Thunderkick allow a separate control for sound effects and music. Unfortunately that was the only drawback I could see. I look forward to playing it for real when it's at Sky.


To celebrate the holiday season and the launch of our latest game BONANZA we're having another...
CASH FOR GRABS competition (exclusive to Meister Members)

Just play BONANZA on you're favourite casino site and post your grabs to this thread to qualify. The competition will run up until the 31st of January when the official winners will be announced. The prizes as follows:

$500 for the biggest MULTIPLIER (feature) in the Free Spin Bonus

$300 for the biggest win multiplier in the Base Game

$200 Any valid entry with a win above x50


1. You must be a registered member of Casinomeister.
2. You must be playing in real play to enter (min stake of €0.20 (or ce).
3. All entries will and must be verified via the casino with in game timestamp and username.
4. All prizes will be casino credits free of wagering requirements / direct credit if account closed by player.
5. The Comp starts 7/12/16. Comp winners will be declared on the last day of the competition 30/1/2017.
6. Entries can be PNG or Jpeg format, alternatively Twitch, youtube or vimeo embedded links posted on this or similar titled CM blog.
7. A single draw from all entries will dictate the "Luck of the Draw" prize winner.
8. limited to one prize per member.
9. Competition will be closed to all entrants from the 31/1/2017.
10. Prize credit may take up to ten days for verification with you Casino of choice.

Good luck to all yeeee-haw enter, go for G O L D!

Big Time Gaming official
Tried this game at betsafe tonight
300 spins in i hit the bonus for the first time, was about to change games.
Bonus game is good with the increasing multiplier.

The base game needed building multipliers. Dont see how you can really hit anything. Did about 400 spins from the cashback I got so far.... No bonuses...biggest win 23x

Not a fan probably wont bother with it too much after this

lol and right after I write this I get the bonus. Now I see where the potential is with the multipliers. 330x in the bonus. Got up to 14x I think it was


Got a bonus 40 spins later and it paid 80x.

The bonus game can be massive
couple for the contest. Don't know if you can see the 1 but it was a .40 cent bet for like $104 win, hit like 100 ways of aces 260x. The bigger screenshot got up to 18x multiplier in free spins for 220x both on


A couple of questions about the contest.

Min bet is .20 euros (or currency equivalent). So that means my CAD needs a minimum of 40 cent bets, but the prizes are paid in euros?

Do we get an entry for the draw for every screenshot over 50x?

I have a few to add:

From the base game, approximately 61x:bonanzareg60.jpg

And a couple of bonus rounds..., 61x, one 114x and the other 220x:

Seem to be having some trouble with attachments, I'll try in another post

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