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Jun 30, 1998
Hi all!

It's been a super busy week, and I didn't mean to announce this this late on a Friday since I know most of you are headed out . LOL

Anyway, this has been due for a long time. We have published a Code of Conduct for our Webmeister members - which realistically - most of you should be able to abide by. This pertains to those of you who have joined the Webmeister User group:

Webmeisters’ Code of Conduct:

  • The webmaster will not promote casinos that habitually prey on problem gamblers.
  • The webmaster will do his or her due diligence and ensure that the casinos they promote are using properly licensed software (i.e. no pirated copies of games, etc.)
  • The webmaster will not violate or infringe on other’s copyrights, trademarks, or any intellectual property.
  • The webmaster will not cheat affiliate programs by sending bogus traffic – complaints submitted from affiliate managers will be looked into.
  • The webmaster will not promote casinos in an unethical manner (spam, scraping, unethical references i.e cure your cancer by winning big, avoid COVID-19 and play here now, etc.)
Casinomeister Webmeisters | Affiliate Webmasters Code of Conduct

They way this works is that you, as a Webmeister, will adhere to this code and by doing so, you will have a listing on that page - I have included an example on that page with CasinoGazette. You get a listing there and a "follow" link from that page to your site - and you will have a Casinomeister Webmeister seal hyperlinked to that page. For that page you get 50 words.


For Senior members and above who are Webmeisters, you will get a custom page at Casinomeister - I have Dunover's site as an example.
Fast Paying Casinos - Casinomeister

That is 150-200 words. Plus you can tag threads in the forum to appear there as well.

Now for your signature, you will be allowed a URL for your CM listing or yourCM page in your signature. Check out Dunover's signature as an example.

The incentive here is to ensure that there is a top breed of affiliate webmasters who value the player experience, and who are not polluting the Internet with crap. This will add value to your site, and will give value to our community of webmasters, many of whom are doing an awesome job.

If you have any comments or questions, this is the thread to post them. I may be a little slow answering these over the weekend since it's pub night in Casinomeisterland. Like in the livingroom LOL.

All sigs have been removed for the time being. Please send me content for your site and a 300x200 screenshot, and I should be getting to this first thing this next week :D

Full members - Experienced = 50 words
Senior members and above = 150 to 200 words.

You're welcome.
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