Show me the Money Screenshots (Min 1000xBet)


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Nov 17, 2008
Ok, we have the 'Winners Screenshots' and the '5 Scatters/5 wilds Screenshots'.
But these are generally churned over with 100xBet screenies and those monsters are soon lost in the depth of these threads.

I think those once in a blue moon pays that can cover wagering requirements in a single press, that cause you to scream at the top of your lungs, that even the most cashout phobia players can make a withdrawal from.

Those screenshots deserve to be admired day in and day out. They should be revered and honered on an ongoing basis.

So I would like to see them in their very own thread, to give us mere mortal players something to aim for.

Now having said all that, I actually can't post a screenshot of a 1000xbet payout because I have never hit one (a few 800x pays is the best I have managed). So if you are one of the lucky few can you post your screenie so I may drool over it for the rest of my playing days.

Now say it with me.

Show me the money.

I can't here you.

Show me the money.


It's only 528x bet, but still... once in a lifetime for me....

From back in February.... biggest hit of all time for me... 704 free spins total and about a gallon of tears produced this...

Just hit my first 1000x bet win with this monster at 32Red. I calculate it at 2400x bet.

I started this thread a few weeks ago and now I have hit my first 1000x bet. Note to self: Start a thread requesting to see screen shots of $1,000,000.00 jackpot wins, then wait 3 weeks.
I think this one belongs here, my biggest hit ever, on a 20 deposit at 32RED.
Break da Bank Again gave me a jackpotspin IN FREE SPINS!
Its a little over 4100x bet, lol!
There's still a hole in the roof where my head went through..:D
Cashed out 1000 that day:)
For me thats ALOT of money..
im filled with joy and jealousy lol

my friend hit this , got a nice bottle of scotch and a cigar out of it ;-)
o.k guys i don,t know if this counts but heres mine from last year :)Old Attachment (Invalid)
Ugliest Slot Ever

This must be be the ugliest looking slot ever produced, but there is nothing ugly about this pay.

My second 1000x bet in two weeks.
Hi Jasminebed. Are you able to explain how a .25cent bet paid over $300 when the pay shown is only a 500x multiplier. Was this the end of some sort of free spins?

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