Meister 2016 Awards

Best and Worst in Online Gambling for 2016

And as we enter a new year – it’s time to reflect on the past…

So here we go once again! Are you ready? It was an amazing year – just like years past – we have had some really fantastic experiences. Casinos are getting better – marvelously better. Actually, some casinos are doing some incredible amazing things via technology that not only give players a fantastic playing experience, but actually protect the player. Some of these operators have had their fingers on the pulse of this industry and know what players really want. That is the good side of the coin.

The bad side: 2016 has proven to be one of the most corrupt years in this industry’s history. So called licensing jurisdictions have turned a blind eye towards fraud and rogueness. We have software pirates, craphole casinos, and casino employees that still threaten and abuse their clients. Woo hoo – an amazing year!

And Sheldon Adelson proved once again that greedy old people with money are assholes.

So – prepare yourself for the “only iGaming awards that matter”. Grab a beer or a hot cup o’ java, put on some chillin’ tunes, don your flack-vests and Kevlars and secure those chinstraps. You’re about to jump into the trenches of online gambling. Hoo-wah!

Drum roll please…

And the winners are…

The Best

Best Casino of 2016
Best Casino Group of 2016
Best New Casino of 2016
Best Customer Service Award 2016
Best Casino Manager of 2016
Best Player Experience Award 2016
Best Gaming Experience Award 2016
Best Casino Software Experience Award 2016
Most Awesome Screenshot of 2016
Best Affiliate Program of 2016
Phoenix Award 2016

The Worst

Worst Casino of 2016
Worst Casino Group of 2016
Worst Customer Service Award of 2016
Worst Casino Manager of 2016
Worst Player Experience of 2016
Worst Affiliate Experience of 2016
Most Annoying Affiliate Program of 2016
Faceplant of the Year 2016
Head in the Sand Award 2016
Fall from Grace Award 2016
Stupidest Named Casino Award of 2016
Tangled Web Award 2016
Sitting on One’s Hands Award 2016
Fourth Point of Contact Award 2016
Biggest Disappointment Award of 2016
Evil Player Award of 2016

Our Forum

Forum Highlights of 2016
Casino Representative of the Year 2016
Forum Member Achievement Award of the Year 2016
Most Annoying Forum Member of 2016
Fan Mail of 2016