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"Simply one of the best!"

CM Rating
User Rating
Awesome customer service
Wide range of games and gaming platforms
Innovative bonuses and promotions
Fantastic player relations
14 languages supported
5 currencies accepted
Payouts are relatively slow
No weekend payouts
No manual flushing
Not Accepted

The Awesome Transcript

32red is by far, one of the best online casinos hands down. I have been watching this casino operation since they launched in 2002, and I have been no less than impressed since then.

What sets 32red apart from their competitors is simple – they believe in putting the player first before business. 32red set the standard when they first launched and have never wavered from their philosophy of player first – and for their business approach – second to none.

Since becoming a Casinomeister accredited casino in 2003, they have won 10 consecutive Best Casino of the Year awards at Casinomeister. Several Best management of the year awards, and several best casino group awards as well. For the first decade of the 21st century, they won casino of the decade.

Why the bestowment of these accolades? Simple – they are one of the most trustworthy, fair, and transparent companies out there. Publicly traded as 32Red plc, they were the first casino in my recollection to personally identify their CEO, Casino managers, and other staff on their website. This just goes to show that they have nothing to hide, and they care to connect with their players.

And connect with them? Yes they do. The fora is full of awesome stories of people down on their luck, and 32red sails in to try and make things better. Take for instance one of our members who is a disabled vet had his TV stolen from his apartment, guess what showed up in the post courtesy of 32Red? A new TV. This is just one example of 32Red’s generosity and care that they take with the online gaming community.

Years ago I conducted an interview with Ed Ware, the CEO of 32red. This was in February 2004, and his advice to his competitors would be to apply hard work and attention to detail and always take the player’s standpoint before you take the business’s.

And this underscores why they remain successful as they are.

Situated in Gibraltar, they are a Microgaming downloadable casino – to include flash games you can play in your browser. They have a full array of gaming platforms to include sportsbetting, poker, bingo and live games.

I would say the only downside is that their payouts are a little slow, they can take up to a couple of days. But even so, this casino is the casino of choice by many punters. These players will always know that they will be treated fairly and treated well.

They are solid as the rock of Gibraltar and are highly recommended at Casinomeister.


First Impression

I first noticed 32Red when I was contacted by their CEO Ed Ware in 2002 (only months after they were online) concerning a player known as Evil RhondaX. She had doctored screen shots to show a bogus jackpot win and…well, you need to read it to believe it. The casino was relatively young and already a number of players were commenting in our forum – and others – on the professionalism and great service this casino was providing. 32Red finally requested to be included as an Accredited casino and I happily obliged.

I had already noticed that this casino was unique – beginning with its name. Ed Ware and I met up for the first time in the Atlas Pub in London for an interview. You can checkout this interview from 2004 here: Interview with 32Red’s CEO – Ed Ware

Even though that recording is twelve years old, Mr. Ware’s dedication to his players has not flinched. He even used to man the phones and pull shifts in Player Support. There is no better way for a CEO to experience what really pisses players off, to measure the level of support from the trenches, and to give his callers support that is second to none – treating them like royalty. This is true definition of “leading by example”.

Imagine Steve Wynn acting as a floor manager at the Wynn, making hand-pays to jackpot winners. When is the last time this has ever happened? Well it doesn’t happen that often because these administrators are out of touch; at 32red they aren’t.

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Deposit & Withdrawal

Accepted currencies:
Deposit Methods:
Bank wire transfer, EcoPayz, Entropay, Neteller, Paypal, Paysafe Card, Skrill, Visa
Withdrawal Methods:
Bank wire transfer, EcoPayz, Entropay, Neteller, Paypal, Skrill, Visa
Reverse time
24 hrs
Cashout time
48 hrs
Payout limits
Weekend cashouts
Manual flushing

Meisterminions Cashout Data

Meister Minions are our members who collect real gaming information, like cashout times and we post it here. If you’d like to become a Meister Minion, please read about how to join us here: Meister Minions.

Request Date Country Bank Method Reverse Time
Time to Receipt
ID Requested Weekend Request
23 April, 2015 TH Ecopayz 24 25:02 No No
01 June, 2015 DE Neteller 24 60:00 No No
05 June, 2015 GB Debit Card 48 89:25 No No
07 June, 2015 CA Instadebit 30 36:00 No No
12 June, 2015 GB Bank Transfer 80 100:00 Yes Yes
24 June, 2015 GB Neteller 24 36:00 Yes No
29 June, 2015 DE Neteller 25 27:00 Yes No
01 July, 2015 CA Instadebit 24 27:30 No No
01 July, 2015 GB Debit Card 24 48:00 No No
05 July, 2015 GB Neteller 24 37:00 No Yes
09 July, 2015 GB Debit Card 72 144:00 Yes Yes
11 July, 2015 GB Neteller 36 39:42 Yes Yes
24 July, 2015 GB Neteller 60 64:40 No Yes
10 August, 2015 TH Ecopayz 24 33:32 No No
21 August, 2015 GB Neteller 48 64:55 No Yes
25 August, 2015 GB Neteller 36 41:09 No No
25 August, 2015 TH Ecopayz 42 45:20 No No
26 August, 2015 TH Ecopayz 43 46:50 No No
28 October, 2015 IE Neteller 34 36:26 No No
30 October, 2015 GB Visa Debit 60 87:00 No Yes
06 November, 2015 GB Neteller 72 81:00 No Yes
13 November, 2015 GB Debit Card 61 89:25 No No
13 November, 2015 GB Neteller 78 84:19 No Yes
16 November, 2015 TH Ecopayz 24 27:00 No No
26 November, 2015 GB Neteller 36 39:26 No No
28 November, 2015 DE Skrill 60 64:00 No Yes
06 December, 2015 GB Visa Debit 24 75:30 No Yes
08 December, 2015 GB Visa Debit 24 52:30 No No
23 December, 2015 TH Ecopayz 19 20:00 No No
25 December, 2015 GB Neteller 100:38 No Yes
31 December, 2015 GB Neteller 92 97:19 No No
13 January, 2016 GB Bank Transfer 40 84:00 No No
18 January, 2016 GB Neteller 26 26:00 No No
24 January, 2016 GB Neteller 36 39:40 No Yes
26 January, 2016 GB Skrill 40 40:00 No No
31 January, 2016 GB Skrill 24 26:00 No Yes
01 February, 2016 GB Neteller 35:10 No No
13 February, 2016 GB Visa Debit 84:00 No Yes
17 February, 2016 GB Skrill 24 26:00 No No
17 February, 2016 TH Ecopayz 28:38 No No
18 February, 2016 TH Ecopayz 24 26:02 No No
19 February, 2016 GB Neteller 67:09 No Yes
21 February, 2016 GB Neteller 39:22 No No
21 February, 2016 GB Visa Debit 48 64:00 No Yes
22 February, 2016 GB Neteller 43:10 No No
01 March, 2016 GB Neteller 30 33:42 No No
03 March, 2016 GB Paypal 28:37 No No
04 March, 2016 GB Visa Debit 60 83:00 No Yes
04 March, 2016 TH Ecopayz 79:44 No No
06 March, 2016 GB Visa Debit 31 54:00 No Yes
21 March, 2016 GB Debit Card 20 72:00 No No
22 March, 2016 GB Paypal 36 36:28 No No
28 March, 2016 GB Neteller 47:00 No No
28 March, 2016 gb Paypal 41:00 No No
08 April, 2016 GB Neteller 63:25 No Yes
12 April, 2016 GB Neteller 35:49 No No
13 April, 2016 IE Neteller 35:46 No No
16 April, 2016 GB Neteller 55 60:17 No Yes
24 April, 2016 GB Neteller 36 41:44 No Yes
24 April, 2016 GB Skrill 33:00 No Yes
26 April, 2016 GB Skrill 26 26:00 No No
03 May, 2016 GB Paypal 38:17 No No
14 May, 2016 Gb Skrill 48 48:00 No Yes
25 May, 2016 GB Paypal 37:00 No No
01 June, 2016 GB Neteller 24 26:68 No No
01 June, 2016 GB Skrill 42 42:00 No No
07 June, 2016 GB Neteller 30 36:53 No No
10 June, 2016 GB Neteller 68 85:35 No Yes
10 June, 2016 UK Neteller 68.00 Hrs 85.35 Hrs No No
25 June, 2016 GB Visa Debit 50 63:24 Yes No
25 June, 2016 UK Visa 50.00 Hrs 63.24 Hrs No Yes
26 June, 2016 GB Visa Debit 72:00 No Yes
26 June, 2016 UK Visa 0.00 Hrs 72.00 Hrs No Yes
01 July, 2016 GB visa debit 72 96:00 No Yes
01 July, 2016 UK Visa 72.00 Hrs 96.00 Hrs No Yes
06 July, 2016 GB Neteller 30 35:32 No No
06 July, 2016 UK Neteller 30.00 Hrs 35.32 Hrs No No
09 July, 2016 GB visa debit 24 72:00 No Yes
09 July, 2016 IT Neteller 50:17 No No
09 July, 2016 UK Neteller 0.00 Hrs 50.17 Hrs No No
29 July, 2016 UK Skrill 0.00 Hrs 65.00 Hrs No No
05 August, 2016 UK Neteller 80.00 Hrs 84.00 Hrs No No
11 August, 2016 UK Neteller 0.00 Hrs 38.22 Hrs No No
13 August, 2016 UK Paypal 0.00 Hrs 84.00 Hrs No Yes
15 August, 2016 UK Visa 0.00 Hrs 24.00 Hrs No No
18 August, 2016 UK Paypal 0.00 Hrs 39.00 Hrs No No
24 August, 2016 Finland Neteller 24.00 Hrs 26.00 Hrs No No
03 September, 2016 UK Visa Debit 0.00 Hrs 72.00 Hrs No Yes
14 September, 2016 UK Skrill 25.00 Hrs 25.00 Hrs No No
21 September, 2016 GB Skrill 38 38:00 No No
22 September, 2016 GB Skrill 25 25:00 No No
22 September, 2016 UK Skrill 25.00 Hrs 25.00 Hrs No No
28 September, 2016 GB Skrill 42 42:00 No No
28 September, 2016 UK Skrill 42.00 Hrs 42.00 Hrs No No
07 January, 2017 GB Visa 54 94:00 No Yes
07 January, 2017 UK Visa 54.00 Hrs 94.00 Hrs No Yes
09 March, 2017 IE neteller 34 37:19 No No
14 March, 2017 FI neteller 24 35:00 No No
24 March, 2017 IE neteller 78 82:15 No No
01 April, 2017 IE neteller 46 47:34 No No
06 April, 2017 IE neteller 32 35:31 No No
11 May, 2017 FI neteller 24 40:00 No No
21 September, 2017 UK Skrill 38.00 Hrs 38.00 Hrs No No

Games & Software

One thing for sure – Microgaming has awesome slots – but there are masses of casinos that have these slots via Quickfire. That’s fine and dandy, but what sets 32Red apart from these is that not only do they host these same slots, but they include 54 video poker games, many of which rival the best IGT land based slots like Multi Strike Poker.

Their video poker section includes the following VP games:

Aces & Eights
Aces & Faces (only Microgaming)
All Aces Poker
All American Poker
Bonus Poker
Bonus Poker Deluxe
Bonus Deuces Wild
Deuces & Joker
Deuces Wild
Double Bonus
Double Double Bonus (yeah!!)
Double Joker
Jacks or Better
Joker Poker
Tens or Better

And just about each one of games appears in the following:

Level-Up Video Poker (much like IGT’s Multi-Strike Poker)
4 Play Power Poker
10 Play Power Poker
50 Play Power Poker
100 Play Power Poker

And then they have Progressive Video Poker.

So simply, if you are a VP fan, 32Red can fill your needs.

Bonus & Loyalty Program

General Information

Casino Reps
Live Games
Loyalty program
Licensing Jurisdiction
Gibraltar, AAMS, and UKGC
No Deposit Bonus
15 October 2002
Publicly traded
Affiliate program
TTR Affiliates
Other products
Country restrictions:
Australia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, United States, US Virgin Islands
See All Countries
Phone contact

UK: 0808 180 3232

Other Countries: +350 20059759

Contact info


Awesome customer service


Payouts are relatively slow


Casinomeister Rating

Reverse Time
Cashout Time
Weekly Withdrawal Limits
Meister Points

Bryan's Verdict

These guys were not awarded Casino of the Decade for nothing. 32Red has surpassed everyone’s expectations year after year. Their philosophy of “player first” has benefited everyone in the industry – either by direct relations with players and affiliates, or indirectly by acting as an esteemed exemplification for their peers. This online casino can boast of some of the most considerate and generous customer service, awesome promotions, and no payout limits. They are simply one of the best.

The only downside is that over the past year or so, their payouts have slowed down. If you can overlook that, then this is the casino for you.



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