85,000x Razor Shark Win

I've got the bonus round on this game twice, but it seemed over in seconds :confused: even with lots of that seaweed stuff appearing, and I never even noticed that multiplier on the right; how many free spins are you meant to get and how does the multiplier go up?
Until there is no more seaweed mate, the multiplier goes up every time a seaweed exits the screen.

had a few good wins on it months Back.

but you’d be pretty pissed. The first 30 spins (and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it even get to 30x before) didn’t even return 25x

but the rest as they say, is history.

Yes, that's what I was thinking, the language would have been meltdown level for the first 25 or so spins. Wow, that's 400k Pounds, enough to buy a small flat in London or 100,000 pints of beer or nearly enough to trigger a free spins on Bonanza at £2 a spin.
That is an insane hit. x33 on the 2500 coin!

Play this now and again and had some nice wins but had some brutal tries also.

Its a hit and run for me, rarely holding the balance for long.

The bonus has only ever been great if the weeds keep dropping in. Most are over from the first two sets it gives dropping out.

With potential like this its got to be worth a pop now and again though.
What's crazy about this win is the slot is advertised with a max win of 50,000x but it's not a hard cap, they obviously didn't expect someone to win 85,000x.

The odds of hitting this must be incredibly small.
you guys see this?

Yeah we did bro, I like the game.

Can kill your balance faster than a dodgy takeaway but when it pays it pays.

And find the the base game can be awesome, last time I played it was I think April and had a 500ish x win.

The times previous the old 100 gold coin in the base game saved the balance loads.

Much better than tiki tumble. Can’t get away with that at all.
Absolute dream hit, exactly the reason why I only play highly volatile slots.

If you want to play just to extend your playtime and still get to 0 stick to low but if you want a chance at something life changing after the misery of loss after loss then only something super high can get you there.

Congrats man but anything over 5000x is a once in a lifetime hit for any of us (twice if you try for long enough aka me hoping I get more than my 5700x on Immortal Romance on slots like Deadwood, Money Train etc).
So they exceeded the max stated payout of 50000x? Since that multiplier has probably been taken from doing 1 billion spins or more. Then this should be a extremely rare thing to happen for sure. Either that or the supplier didn't do the math correctly and the game is actually faulty and pays out more than they expect.
Either way congrats to the winner! A real life changing win! Since its a Swedish player they are probably going to spend it on Ikea furniture and meatballs!
The volatile slots have been cruel to me since my Buffalo Blitz win in August 2019. I’ve lost a ton chasing the big hit. Maybe someday.

Never have done well in Razor Shark but had good wins in Tiki Tumble and Temple of Ra or whatever it’s called.

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