Worst Affiliate Experience of 2019


VideoSlots Affiliates

Yeah, yeah, I know – they have won Best Casino of the year numerous times, best Casino Experience a load of times – heck, even Casino of the Decade, but unfortunately what happened between them and their affiliates was the Worst Affiliate Experience of the Year 2019.

It was the way that their affiliate earnings were computed, and the way in which they dealt with their affiliates by explaining these things to them. Loads of affiliates sign up at affiliate programs without reading or understanding the affiliate terms and conditions. And most affiliate programs don’t explain how the earnings are calculated. Unfortunately, this is what happened with the affiliates of VideoSlots.

Long story short: there were a load of expenses of running the casino that were passed over to the affiliate without the affiliate understanding this since he or she didn’t know. From the casino’s point of view, this is to ensure that the casino can remain viable. From the affiliate’s point of view, it was deceptive and uncalled for. In my point of view, these costs should have been itemized and made clear to the affiliate when signing up. Proper communication can go a long way when it comes to business partnerships.

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