Your Fur-Babies 2019


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Apr 27, 2009
the land of snow and maple syrup
A'ight, owners of dogs and cats love talking about their dogs and cats especially, to other owners of dogs and cats who will listen and d'aww about their dogs and cats :p

Think it's been around a year or so since we shared our little fur monsters. So dop your pics of the little, precious pets. (and we all can be thankful the tech isnt there for scratch-n-sniff internet images ) cough*dunover*cough)

This hit my memory feed on FB today - didnt realize my little guy was already 5. Found him out in the snow at a day or 2 old and raised him. Sickly little thing for a long time (he's still wheezy) but a right terror on the wildlife (drags home birds and mice, and once a squirrel, has scrapped a raccoon and fox, and survived a go at a coyote)

shango1.jpg shango2.jpg


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Jan 30, 2017
The collie came from rescue at 18 months old was totally neurotic, tore up my stair carpet god knows how many times, destroyed my front door and shredded a feather duvet that I spent months chasing the feathers round the house. She raided the fridge, put child locks on it and she still got in, never ate any of the food but hid it round the house - understandable as she was abused, had a nail in her head and burnt with cigarettes but she learned to trust me and became my shadow.

The greyhound was thrown out of a moving car, came to me in a sorry state but the most gentlest and forgiving hound I have ever had the grace to meet.

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