Summer Super Screenie Contest

Happy Summer CMland
Exclusive - Summer Super Screenie Contest
congratulations winners, contest is now closed!


it's the
CM Summer Super Screenie Contest
and all YOU need to do
is drop your best screenshots here and
bask in the glory of your wins and soak up
some super sweet prizes along the way

prizes courtesy of
L & L
(participating casinos below)
Yako Casino
NoBonus Casino
All British Casino
Fun Casino
Casino Casino
Hyper Casino

Here's how it works:

PART I Daily Tasks
Each day you may post up to THREE screenshots for the slots provided and task at hand from any of the participating casinos.
Tasks may be an X multiplier, 3-5 scatters, a 5OAK etc - simply watch for your daily task and post here.
Qualifying screenshots will earn you a ticket (max 3 a day) to go toward the draw for fantastic prizes
provided by L & L Casinos.


PART II Casinomeister Challenge
You will have the entire contest to post your BEST wins (X multiplier) on the Casinomeister slot from any of the participating casinos (max 3 screenshots/day, min. 100X)


Main Prize Pool:



Casinomeister Slot Prize Pool:

biggest X Win
random draw

That's $300 Cool Cash up for grabs
Watch here for the daily tasks and happy spinning!

Some quick answers to help you out -

Where can I play?
At participating L & L Casinos
Not yet a member? Sign up using the links above

What do I post?
Watch for the task at hand and post a qualifying screenshot.
Be sure to show the casino property is identified clearly in the picture.
Watch for any conditions set in the daily task.

How Do I Qualify?
Contest open to qualifying members who have made at least one deposit of $25 or more at any of the participating casinos prior to, or during contest period

3 screenshots?
So as to to not flood the board, screenshots are capped at 3 per member per day for the task whether you post all 3 from one of the 2 provided slots or split them up...and a maximum of 3 from the casinomeister slot/day
Screenshots can be from any of the participating casinos listed above.
You may choose to play stategically or post as you win but there may be an extra ticket for first posted or largest win.

Is this a leaderboard contest?
No. There are no prizes for most tickets. All qualifying tickets go into a random draw using an RNG. Participate casually or often for more tickets.

Ok. Got it. when is it?
June 17th - June 26th

Any Qs, post below but please be sure to read terms below and always read the rules and daily tasks thoroughly

Those pesky Ts and Cs
Contest open to any member with a minimum of 10 authentic posts prior to contest start date and have deposited a minimum of $25 prior to or during contest period in any of the participating casinos
Screenshots must come from real money funds
All screenshots must clearly indicate the casino property in the image, fall within the qualifying period and be from one of the listed participating casinos
A 'day' ends at 11:59 EST
DO NOT pm casino reps or casino support services.
Direct all queries here or pm myself
Winners will be forwarded for prize allocation - please allow 24-72 hrs for crediting
Random prizes determined by an RNG from all qualifying tickets
Players are eligible to receive max 1 prize from the main prize draw (Part I) and max 1 from CM slot draw (Part II)
Prizes carry a 0X WR and are available to WD* and will be allocated to casino of winner's choice at any of the participating casinos
*general casino WD terms in effect
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And just as a heads-up - while the contest has been posted a week early to allow you time to read and ask any Qs, NO screenshots from the Casinomeister slot will be permitted until the 1st day of the contest and MUST come from during the contest period (and subject to verification don'tcha know :p ) other words, any attempt to sneak through any 'pre-earned' screenshots, and we'll have the News Hound come piddle in your shoes :thumbsup:
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Hi guys and gals,
@pereblue has the countdown clock up as we tick away to the beginning of the comp.
As you may have noticed, it goes live EST midnight - this is so everyone has a full day, regardless of where you are to get their qualifying screenshots in and so I can tally and roll over for another full day. :)

These aren't difficult tasks and ones you can achieve from your regular gameplay so hope to see lots of screenies and members and some of you walk away with some cool prizes courtesy of L & L (and with a 0 WR don'tcha know).
If you aren't a member at any of the participating properties, be sure to click the links above.

See you all soon :)
Can I add an element to make it more exciting? I have ideas, and you guys... you should thank Freddy Heineken for that :)

Cheers, gonna open another one now!
Can I add an element to make it more exciting? I have ideas, and you guys... you should thank Freddy Heineken for that :)

Cheers, gonna open another one now!
sure, pm is always open :)
I see one issue with this contest... Canadians aren't allowed to play slots from NYX thus we can not play the CasinoMeister Slot for the main prize. :/
more a secondary prize really :p
but as for all daily slots/tasks, they'd be games which open within my own browser, so you'd have no worries with those :thumbsup:
friendly bump
I'll be in tonight to drop the first 2 slots and task for qualifying screenshot, so if you're playing at any of the above L & L properties later this evening or tomorrow, be sure to pop them in :) There's no rush, it will be on board for 24 hrs and wil be a simple task so hopefully some of you will be getting into the draw :thumbsup:

aaaand here we go
I'll start everyone off pretty easy

Day 1:
post a screenie with 3X FS triggering scatters from either slot
1 ticket per screenshot, max 3 per player



a reminder:

screenies only that are earned from real money from now until 11:59pm EST
(approx 24 hrs from now)
min. $25 deposit from prior to or during contest period
be sure the participating casino property shows in the screenie
full terms in post 1

a courtesy note:
a lot of these contests run on the good faith of participating members.
that being said, screenshots are subject to verification and any player attempting to or deemed abusing fair play will be disqualified from this, and potentially, any and all future CM contests
seriously, just don't do it
Australians are banned from all these Casinos which is very unfair !
I will have to rely on Steve Smith , Dave Warner and Co. to win the World One day Cup !!!!!
If only it would stop raining :)))))

I fully agree, can you please contact the authorities and tell them: All Australian Casino from the guys at L&L europe Ltd. needs to re-open asap! :)

Got a nice gift today...

Maybe further in the challenge we can give some love back to the guys from High 5 Games? Because this present deserve some love:


30/06/2019 Way Out Wilds High5Games
30/06/2019 The Golden Vault of the Pharaoh High5Games
30/06/2019 All That Cash Power Bet High5Games
30/06/2019 Beer Barrel Bash High5Games

These games are coming at the end of the month!

Back to the contest ! :)

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