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“Auditing the audits of the KYC audits – please wait.”

Dead or Alive is one of the most volatile and popular slot game out there, and imaging how you would feel placing a £18 bet and winning over £38k. Elated? Ecstatic? Totally freaking out? Well great jubilation was short-lived when member Pug234 won this amount at EuroVikingCasino.com. He started a thread here: £38k Dead or Alive Win: will I get paid?. His already verified account went into lockdown mode while the casino re-audited his account.

From the casino:

Your account (and all Nektan Casino accounts associated to you) has been suspended pending an EDD (Enhanced Due Diligence) review

Even so, they bragged about the win here:

Dead or alive bragging ad

Which was wrong, by the way – it was an £18 bet – not .50 pence.

After several weeks – even though the casino was still touting his win, he was sent another email. Poorly written – full of grammar and punctuation errors. Side note: if you are going to target the English speaking market, get some native speakers to help out. This is an example of a horribly written letter:

The review of your accounts is still ongoing.

We cannot disclose the reason as to the delay as we would be jeopardising our Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds responsibilities.

We will require a further 28 days, we will advise you of the outcome by the 9th October(admin note: wrong date since this was sent around the 12th of October). During such time your accounts will remain suspended and you will have no access.

Any pending withdrawals you may have had on your accounts have been cancelled by us and the funds returned to your account balances. Details of the accounts are as follow: …

It then just detailed the money in his accounts. No warm and fuzzy feeling here. This player was fearing that there was a team of people trying to find a reason not to pay him. The due diligence had already been made – and no audit of a game’s software takes weeks – if this is the problem that the casino suspects. But of course, the casino remained as secretive as humanely possible.

And then days later:

“Due to an internal audit a large number of randomly selected players’ accounts were selected for immediate review. Due to the volume of player accounts requiring review the timescale of 28 days which was given for us to complete this task has not been sufficient and we are still reviewing accounts identified in this audit.

Now he’s randomly selected for an “immediate review”.

So after waiting a few more days the player contacted the UKGC – which told him that they weren’t getting involved with player issues, but they were concerned why the player was being reaudited after meeting all requirements to include KYC requirements, so they asked him to forward their email to Nektan.

And guess what? 40 minutes later he received a reply from the casino stating that his review had been completed and payments would be made.

Piss poor treatment of players is common with rinky-dink outfits – especially ones that are white label casinos that outsource most of their staff and know-how: the ability to know how to treat ones’ players.

Obviously, EuroVikingCasino.com is just another mill generated white label money suck. These are the casinos that give the industry a bad name.

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