WARNING Mr. Ringo : repeated non-payments issues and AWOL Support


PAB (Complaints) Manager
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Jan 20, 2004
Mr Ringo appeared on our radar about 6 months ago. Players were primarily reporting non-payment on winnings, usually on fairly iffy grounds including bonuses being retroactively cancelled and Terms that were unclear enough to require updating.

Over the course of those several months there have been multiple threads on the forums and five PAB cases. The casino resolved the first PAB; on the second they claimed it was a minor player error but that player reports they still haven't been paid; they stone-walled on the third in spite of the fact that they'd modified their Terms because of it; they've simply ignored the other two, one of which was from an unpaid contractor of theirs. When it became clear that the casino was happy to simply ignore the complaints we were sending them I warned them that the next step was going to be an official Casinomeister Warning. Suddenly they wanted to discuss (some of) the outstanding issues and a rep was apparently going to come forward and be available for complaint resolution. Needless to say nothing came of it. And so ...

WARNING: Mr Ringo (mrringo.com) has had an alarming number of non-payment issues being reported over the past several months. The casino has also taken to ignoring complaints. Together this is a toxic combination for players. Everyone is strongly advised to avoid this casino until there are proven reasons to do otherwise.

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