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“Kasino King”

Casinomeister’s forum is the most popular player community – it was launched in the summer of 1998 and was one of the first forums that gave players of online casinos information and a voice.

For nearly twenty years, Casinomeister’s forum has been growing – it’s dynamic, diverse, never boring, populated by newbies, seasoned veterans, players, webmasters, software developers, affiliate managers, crazy folk, and loyal old-timers.

Kasino King (AKA Mark) is one of the later. It would be hard to imagine the forum without Kasino King.

Kasino King first joined us Aug 25, 2004, and he waited a couple of weeks before making his first post – it was about screenshots:

The winning screen shots in this section are mightily impressive! I struggle to believe they are all genuine due to the quantity of monster hits by Meister & Robwin but if they are WOW! :thumbsup:
Most of the win are Video Poker. I only occasionally dabble at this, and would break open the champagne if I even managed to hit a full-house!

But has anyone got any nice Caribbean Stud winners?
If Id known how to take screenshots at the time, I would show you the 2 frustrating near misses I had last year:-
(Note: I only play very small stakes, and rarely play the bonus coin)

Early in July I was playing stud in William Hill when I got dealt something I have NEVER seen before – 3 4 5 6 7 of hearts – a straight flush! My ante was only 1, but luckily for me the dealer had a pair of queens, meaning I won 100 (50/1). But, IF ONLY I had played the bonus I would have won… 15,000!!! …several choice words came to mind! 😮
About a week later I was playing Littlewoods, and my jaw quite literally hit the floor when I got dealt 2 3 4 5 6 of Diamonds!! Unfortunately this time the dealer didn’t have a qualifying hand & I won the princely sum of just 1! 🙁 Several more words came to mind…! (At least they didn’t have a bonus feature, so I didn’t have to say ‘if only’ again!).
The odds of getting a straight flush in this game is 1 in 72,193. Having not seen one in 4-years of (near daily) gambling, I hit it twice in a week! I hope that’s not all my good luck used up…!
Im still waiting..

So – any nice Stud screenshots anyone?

And in chimed in Simmo! Of course.

It was a few weeks after that that KasinoKing posted about bonuses:

Want to know best Microgaming sign-up bonus?

I’m not trying to encourage ‘bonus hunters’, but if you are thinking about signing up to a new MG casino, you may as well go for the one with the best sign-up offer, because once you’re playing they are all pretty much the same – right?
But did you know there are 82 MG’s to chose from?

Do you know which ones offer the best sign up %?
Do you know which ones have the most reasonable Wagering Requirements?
Do you know which ones have least restrictions on withdrawals?
Do you know which ones allow Blackjack or Video Poker play in WR?

I do!

Because I have invested a considerable amount of man-hours checking out each & every one of them, and studied their T&C’s in detail. I have put all this data into an Excel spreadsheet and sorted it to show which SUB’s give best value for your money. (In my humble opinion!)
If you’d like a copy, send me a PM with an e-mail address & I’ll send it to you.
(If poss, please include list of MG’s you have already used)

(For newbies: To send PM, point mouse at my name (next to King Arthur of Camelot), and click left-hand button!)

LOL – if he did that now, he would have been banned as a spamming affiliate. In fact, Spearmaster warned him in that thread – but Simmo! stepped in to his defense – stating that the guy didn’t even have a website. Well, at least not yet. That was thirteen years ago.

After that and as the years went by, Kasino King was there to tout what he thought were good casinos – and to shame those that he had issues with. In these past 13 years, he never received any infractions – at least none that I could find. And any time that I even considered using any form of a ban hammer on him, I was reminded of the very first Meister Meeting in 2007 where we met for the very first time. It was here at the Atlas Pub that he gave me a custom made bottle opener – which I posted here in the Meister ICE London report: Kasino King’s Keyring. That was in 2007 – and guess what I used tonight while working on the awards?

Kasino King's Keyring
Kasino King’s Keyring

Yep – nearly eleven years later. Thanks dude!

KasinoKing has the awesome status of making every one of the annual Meister Meetings since 2007 (please correct me if I am wrong).

Casinomeister Atlas Pub - Meister Meeting 2008
Simmo! KasinoKing, Casinomeister Atlas Pub – Meister Meeting 2008
KasinoKing, Dunover, VinylWeatherMan - Meister Meeting 2016
KasinoKing, Dunover, VinylWeatherMan – Meister Meeting 2016

So it’s been about 14,333 postings since the first post, a kagillion screenshots and thanks, and one big thanks from me for being a fixture in our awesome player community. Cheers to you!