Worst Casino Manager of 2015

When our members discovered that Casino4live had a fake UKGC license, their manager popped into our forum with the following:

“Hello dear friends I came across this post and I want to correct the error of our representative and the authors of content on the website because we have some new sites and this one had some mistakes content and patched”

Right on! Well that cleared everything up – NOT! It was also determined that their Novomatic software was counterfeit – the artwork was lifted from another Novomatic or Greentube powered site. When confronted, he came back with this:

“we will try to do our best to Serve you guys You also see us in the next Expo g2e in Las Vegas 1.10.15.
If any one is have any doubts we here to answer any question”

Eh? Not much sense there. And if I figure this out right, this guy is traveling to Las Vegas showing face at the G2E – where the real Novomatic games are being presented. Stolen software, taking US players = recipe for an episode of “don’t drop the soap”.

Anyway, this guy was adamant on convincing us that he was running a legitimate operation.

“manager your words is worng

If your forum is to kill new new site so plz say I will leave but!!!

Don’t say stuff that your are not sure on the forum

If you ask me in private I will send you all docs that prof that we are good

But don’t get your self over your head in this

If you welcome new site so try to understand our mistake in the writing the contant of the site

If we have not present visa and MasterCard our licence they wasn’t give us terminal to work

So me more sure of you bad killing words

We got our licence in 2010 check the rules then and you will get the right info

Don’t give worng information to players on our back !!

As for the web servers if you really intersting in tech I will glad to explain to you in private how and where this is work”

This person was fully aware that they had no gaming license – yet they touted one. He was also fully aware that they had pirated games, yet he avoided this series of questioning altogether.
So in essence, he was there to pull in as many sheep as possible and commit a royal fleecing. Worst manager of the year.

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