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"No Pay - Spam Dweebs"

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Mighty Slots Casino Review

"No Pay - Spam Dweebs"


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Spammy spammers from spam hell

But besides spamming anyone with an email address, they don’t pay their players. This was submitted in our Pitch a Bitch section in September 2008.

I have been waiting nearly 3 months for a check. I withdrew $900 and never received a penny. I know of the situation of the previous owner dying. I have been told lie after lie from the previous management and the current management. When the current management was returning my calls the first lie was the checks would be mailed in 24-48 hours, then the lie was you will receive an e-mail telling you when you will receive you check. Never received an e-mail. Then I was told all checks were being processed. Now 11 messages later no one will even return my calls. I also have sent numerous e-mail to their support department with no replies. I realize it takes time to process withdrawals, but 3 months is not right.

We were told that payment was on its way…and to entertain us during the near six month wait, we were to be pounded by spam mails offering us an affiliate deal.

Reply-To: <mark@mightyslots.com>
From: “Mark Ostrov” <mark@offerstoogood.com>
To: <blahblah@blah.com>
Subject: Fw[37037]: Microgaming stopped their CPA program
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008 16:43:46 -0500
X-Mailer: Microsoft Office Outlook 12.0
X-SA-USERIDNR: 3451351
X-SA-MPREASON: sender enabled (mark@offerstoogood.com)


We would like to promote Mightyslots.com on your site.

We can pay you an unbeatable commission rate up to 40% or 250$ CPA. I am sure our CPA offer will be attractive as all Microgaming brands stopped CPA program completely by now.

Our affiliate program is unique and leaves any competitors behind, because we:

– pay the highest commission – up to 40%, lifetime!

– feature the highest ratio of high roller players compared to other gaming brands, due to the biggest weekly matchup bonuses we offer

– show detailed online statistics, updated in real-time – we never hide any numbers from our affiliates like many other programs do

– excel with the fastest response time for both player and affiliate support

– operate in multiple currencies and wide variety of reliable deposit and withdrawal methods

– have many affiliates who earn more than 100K commission every month

– supply custom made creative to meet specific affiliate needs

– accept players and affiliates world-wide, including United States

– offer both Revenue share and CPA payout options to all our affiliates

If you are interested to know more please let me know how I can reach you and when, to discuss our proposal.


Mark Ostrov

Affiliate Manager
Live Messenger Id: Casinoaffiliatemanager@live.com

What a laugh. Amateurish spam dweebs.

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