Rogue Announcement Playros - rogue


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Mar 15, 2014
betty ford clinic

Assosplay? Did they misspell that, shoulda been 'ASSPLAY'? :rolleyes:

I think he forgot an i... for ASSIPLAY ;-)

just browsed a bit and had to laugh that they got the well deserved rogue status.

If someone sets up an operation and has those limited means that he has to guerillamarket it nby himself in different forums - unable to express his message, but broadcasting really weird stuff...

he should have corrected his business planning and asked the businessangels for increased seed-money. ;-)

I doubt that this operation can cashout winnings that exceed the amount of € 500 when the ceo himself has to ruin his private reputation in public in that sad way..

yes - i feel a bit mercy towards him. still i wouldn´t trust a single penny to that operation - since playros just from its ending sounded to me at the first thought like some operation setup to reduce the greek debt. thats nothing against greece. it was just the os ending that made it sound a bit of greek origin. - which random-word generator generates such creative names for companies. thats even worse than to name an insurance company "ergo"... ;-)