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Jun 30, 1998
Howdy all!

As most of you know, we have had several casino categories that we've used at Casinomeister for years:

Accredited Casinos
Grey Zone Casinos
Not recommended

The problem was that the Grey Zone gives the impression that the casino was operating in a grey zone market - which is not true - they are in our grey zone, no one else's. True, there are many casinos that are in the Grey Zone category that operate in either a grey zone sort of arena, or they are run by a lot of elderly folks thus being grey. :thumbsup:

The bottom line: it's not fair to a lot of operators who are properly licensed are not in a "grey zone" market, so we had to create another category and come up with a good name. :D

We kicked a few names around:

Untested Zone
Possibly OK Zone
Known Unknowns
The Lucky Dip
Green Zone (sounds like Iraq)
Sandbox (sounds like Iraq)
Neutral Zone

So we chose a couple: Green Zone and Neutral Zone, and put it up for a vote with the Meister Minions, and Neutral Zone it is. :cheers:

Neutral Zone Casinos: Either we don’t have a formal relationship with these casinos (knowing the ownership, igaming representatives in the forum, etc.), or our Accreditation is not applicable to them (white labels, out sourced support, etc.), or they are pending a Baptism by Fire. There are a myriad of reasons they are there - we will hopefully cover that in their reviews.

There are some previously accredited casinos listed in the Neutral Zone – some of which are really pretty good. Even though a casino might not be Accredited here at Casinomeister, this doesn’t mean it’s a substandard casino or working in a "grey zone". It means it is just there - in a Neutral Zone.

Neutral Zone Casinos
I should mention that the list is not exhaustive, and there may be some casinos in the Grey Zone at the moment that should be listed in the Neutral Zone. I have not gone through all of the reviews yet. :cheers:

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