CM Announcement Casinomeister's Best and Worst of 2023 finally announced!!


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Jun 30, 1998
Finally they are here. The casino awards the membership awards - most everything that either blew our skirts up, or sent us into depression, it's all here:

My hats off to the winners of the Best categories - our forum achievers - and to the not-so-fabulous worst category winners.

Best Casino: Videoslots @Team.Videoslots
Best UK Casino: Lottomart @Mark_Lottomart
Best Global Casino: 3Dice @3Dice
Best New Casino: Betreels @Betreels Casino & Sports

And then there are all the rest for your viewing pleasure
Meister Awards 2023
Where’s the blushing emoji?

Thanks so much, these awards are amazing. To get best UK casino twice in a row after being listed on CasinoMeister is testament to the hard work the team put in. 🔥

I just hope our shareholders don’t read the note about me being on the forum all day. I do occasionally work you know. 😂

Thanks again.
Bit disappointed there was no booby prize, as I was “nailed on”.

Wish I hadn’t read this immediately after putting on clean boxers.
Big thank you and respect to all who contributed to my reward this year.

It is much appreciated :thumbsup:

Ps: Where do I claim my 5 Starburst free spins please? :p
I can do better, there’s £20 cash in your Lottomart account. Congrats. Hope it’s lucky for you.
Wow, I'm truly at a loss for words.

It's an incredible honor and on behalf of our entire 3Dice Team a big thank you to Casinomeister and everyone that supported us.

And last but not the least a big congrats to Videoslots, Lottomart and Betreels :).
Hahaha, I love those Awards texts and comments!! Brilliant read, congrats everyone for the well deserved and prestigious meister awards!

And big thanks for the shout-out to Social Tournaments group, in the Meister Social Groups section of the article 😄:thumbsup:

See you all tomorrow ❣️
Wow thank you very much for the award!
Feels good that we have managed to keep the ship steady during these years. Thank you all for the constant and constructive feedback we get ongoing, that is what makes this forum so special, the members and the team behind CM keeping this forum tidy and on the ball.
Congratulations to the other winners, well done!
So I did my work for today, back to playing slots now. Beer time!
I am not a prolific poster by any stretch (although I like to be verbose 🤣), so I really appreciate being considered for a forum award. My congratulations to Jono and Chop, and also all the other winners.

Who knew that being an old man shouting at the clouds could lead to such recognition!
That certainly makes two of us - it made me chuckle given many of my contributions in that regard have either come from, or contributed to, content that you've posted - so I guess both of us are shouting at the same clouds :laugh:

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