CM Announcement The Best and Worst of Online Gambling 2020 Awards announced!!


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All this and more!!!!

Here ya go!!!
Meister Awards 2020 Best & Worst in Online Gambling - Casinomeister
To be fair to them - they're still a solid outfit who won't scam you.

I do wonder if any of the original staff/reps are left though.
Certainly don't think they have fell further than Casumo, however I would have put them above Grosvenor simply because pretty much everything they said when they were moving platforms has turned out to be a lie. If memory serves me right they also did a comp thread then just stopped posting at some point :eek:
Hi guys,

Means a lot to all of us here at BitStarz to win best support. From the beginning we've only selected support staff
with at least 2.5 years of experience in the industry and we're really proud and happy it's being recognized by CM and
our loyal players.

Most casinos offer the same type of games and payment options, but support and interacting with our players here in the forum
is where we can make a major difference. It gives us a chance to listen to your feedback and we're always open to change
if we're doing something wrong.

You guys are truly awesome.

Olle D

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