CM Announcement Best Casino Shortlist for 2023 announced!


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Jun 30, 1998
The top six casinos have gone to a vote by our membership - and as a Holiday Gift that celebrates the amazing inclusiveness of Casinomeister - all members Experienced or above get to vote this time around - just like last year.

That is Experienced Members, Senior Members, Meister Members, Meister Minions, Ueber and Paleo Meisters, and staff - 450 peeps).

Those members are conducting a secret vote on the following:

Winz Casino
Leo Vegas

Congrats to those who made it - and for those who didn't, please keep trying. Everyone really appreciates the effort that these casinos make when dealing with customer satisfaction.!
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I won't get to vote then, but if I could, i'd definitely vote for @3Dice

People are always talking about the good old days of online casinos and bonuses, but 3Dice still are in the good days.
not sure about Winz any longer did they sold out? they not like they use to be, they aslo clame to be free wager, but they not, you need 1x wager not sure what the amount on 1 x wager

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