Worst Affiliate Experience of 2015

AffiliateHub – for their implementation of predatory terms and conditions retroactively:

“Following a review of our Affiliate Program we have decided to make some changes. In accordance with our rights under the Terms and Conditions of the Sky Betting and Gaming Affiliate Program, we are amending the Terms and Conditions; the amendments will be effective from 1 November 2015. A copy of the amended Terms and Conditions is linked here for your reference.”

That was their preamble for a bunch of horse-hockey. They went on to say that you were to send at least six players per month or have your affiliate commission reduced to 5%. Affiliates who had signed up years ago to different terms were not excluded from this term. It seems as though this company that was claiming to be a “partner” was slapping their affiliates in the face with a wet dead fish.

What they don’t seem to understand, besides the fact that this is underhanded and unethical, is that it forces affiliates who don’t have much traffic to do whatever it takes to promote Affiliatehub’s properties. There is a good chance these affiliates would join the darkside and start promoting these properties via spam, black hat techniques, or other dark arts.

Obviously, their properties were dropped from the site since they violated the following standard of an Accredited Casino:

“Must not implement retroactive terms and conditions to their affiliate programs without explicit permission and agreement from the affiliate.”

They were also admitted into the Rogue Pit – what a shame.

End note – they mentioned at the end of the above email that they would be willing to meet up at the Berlin Affiliate Conference in October to meet “face to face”. Guess who wussed out and didn’t show? Well, it wasn’t me.

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